A2Z-BADGE [2016]

On this page we are posting our cover makeovers for the 2016 Blogging A to Z. To see the original posts head over to Orange Marmalade Press  and click on The Blogging A to Z  Challenge! Click on the cover to see our review! 

augustine ab  Bird in a Box a  chihuahua of the baskervilles a  d.v. a  extinct files my science project a  flora & ulysses the great gatsby Hitchcock Poster Art a  imaginary garden a  joys  joys of l  the keylock man a la son 2 collage  make way for ducklings  namelessacd Oryx and Crake praying at Burger Kingq is for duck  Rebel Fire a StoneMattress  aaStoneMattress  aba time peace fin up in the tree abvictory ab x and the city a you nest here with me az for zachariah abc

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