The Extinct Files: My Science Project


The Extinct Files|My Science Project

Wallace Edwards
Kids Can Press, 2006

A young boy, Wallace “Wally”, starts out writing his science project on his iguana named Spike and ends up proving that dinosaurs are not extinct.

Wally begins in the usual manner laying out his objective, hypothesis, apparatus and method. He then provides the reader with his observations, some of which are:
1.       That dinosaurs are good eaters and like just about everything.
2.       That dinosaurs like to look good and have great grooming habits.
3.       That dinosaurs have occupations, although some prefer to be a “groovysaurus” or a “hippiesaurus” and not have a normal job.

Wally works really hard on his science project and then, the night before he turns it in – something bad happens to it! You’ll have to wait to read it and find out on the very last page!!!

This book is really cute and funny. The “photographs” (watercolor paintings, really) are beautiful and colorful. It is imaginative and with specialized (printed) binding it looks like a real report. You know what? I believe in dinosaurs.

extinct aextinct bextinct c

Rating 4 out of 5 paws

simon 2 locReviewer: Simon

Wallace EdwardsWallace Edwards

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