Praying at Burger King

praying at bkPraying at Burger King

Richard J. Mouw
William B. Eerdmans Publishing, 2007

This book is a collection of columns originally written for such Evangelical Christian magazines as the Reformed Journal, Perspectives and Christianity Today. The author covers such basic topics from family dinner time, Santa Claus and being entrenched in faith. The short essays are written in a “easygoing, conversational style” which makes it easy to comprehend and take with you into the day.

*Praying at Burger King – “My restaurant prayers are opportunities for me to pause and remind myself that there is indeed a God whose mercy reaches out to me even when I am sitting in a fast-food booth with noisy kids running past me.”  Pg 4

*Letting Chickens Strut Their Stuff – “God tells human beings to exercise “dominion” over the rest of creations (Genesis 1:28). But that does not give us a right to do anything we want with nonhuman life. Dominion is not the same as domination. The old-fashioned term is that we have been made “stewards” of the world that God made. We are caretakers. This means we must take care in the way we treat the animals.”  Pg 53

*Eating Alone – “I’m not always clear what people mean when they talk about “family values,” but here is something that they ought to mean: the family meal is an important training ground for citizenship.”  Pg 131

Rating:  4 paws

jackReviewer: Jack

Richard J. Mouw

2 thoughts on “Praying at Burger King

  1. pilch92 March 31, 2016 / 9:28 pm

    Nice review Jack.This sounds like an interesting book.


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