Goodreads Challenge

We love a challenge – and the Goodreads annual challenge is a great to keep us reading throughout the year! 

th Our goal this year is much more reasonable! Only 150 books. We’re sure we’ll make it!

1482186969-1482186969_goodreads_misc Our goal this year was to read 200 books!!! But, we didn’t make it. We read only 165 out of 200. Oh well, there’s always next year!

badge-home-completed-2016 We finished the challenge in November. Our goal was to read 125 books and ended up the year by reading 163!

2015 Reading Challenge We finished the challenge in October!! Our goal was to read 100 books. We read 121!

completed  Our goal was to read 50 books. We read 92!!

Place a bookmark where you're reading and say something!

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