Board of Review

There are a lot of book-review blogs out in the blogosphere but like tasty treats, there’s always room for one more. We decided to start a blog to have fun and because it really is boring to lie around the house all day and sleep.

We read mainly youth fiction and inspirational nonfiction with an occasional adult fiction thrown into the mix. We rarely read anything new or all that popular, unless it’s a new book by a favorite author. 

We are:

 jack 12 25 14

Jack, lives on the water and reviews our nonfiction books in between catching fish.



PeggySue, is our most recently hired reviewer. She came into the household in spring of 2016, a wanderer of the mean streets. She is young and very sweet so she reviews all our children’s fiction.

toby headshot2

Toby, a DLH orange marmalade reviews the youth, young adult and adult fiction whenever there’s a male protagonist. He is an adventurer at heart and loves to put himself in the story.

bobbiesue headshot

BobbieSue, a black tuxedo with no tail and a Savannah sweetheart reviews young adult and adult fiction when the protagonist is female.

mar 5 2005a

Simon is solid black and a former wanderer. He reviews picture books, coffee table books, photo books – basically anything that  doesn’t have too many words!! 


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