Time Peace

 time peaceTime Peace
Living Here and Now with a Timeless God

Ellen Vaughn
Zondervan, 2007

Time, or the lack of it, always seems to be an issue in human lives. The author attempts explain time – the physics and mathematics of it – in a way that an ordinary person (or cat) can understand, in an effort teach that time is short but eternity, well, that’s another story entirely!

Part One: Experiencing Time – “Mundane daily stresses stir only the surface of our lives. Down in the deep waters near the heart, profound things throb. They come in the dark of the night, in life’s sad farewells, and even in the sweet richness of its celebrations. . . .The beauty of sunset breaks my heart; so soon it fades away. Beauty hurts because it passes. Immutable Beauty awaits, but we do not see it yet. And here in the shadow-lands, life’s spool unwinds. Its strands are golden and dark, heavy and light. The wheel won’t stop. There is no rewind, no redo. No second draft.”  Pg 30

Part Two: Managing Time – “The human quest to keep track of time affected not only timepieces, of course, but calendars, which have been used in various forms since human beings first noted the movements of the heavenly bodies.”  Pg 59

Part Three: Re-Viewing Time: A New Paradigm –  “We don’t know how believers can be filled to the measure with God’s fullness. We don’t know how He is able to do immeasurably more than we ask or imagine. Like the many aspects of the physical world that we now know exist but we cannot see, we believe that God’s love is all around us. He is closer than we think, simultaneous with our experience . . .  even as He lives beyond the constraints and dimensions of human time.”  Pg 191

Part Four: Enjoying Time – “The great secret is this: if God is sovereign, then whatever comes, planned, unplanned, frustration, tragic, wonderful, whatever, the good servant has everything he or she needs to do his will.”  Pg 213-214

The author goes to great lengths discussing the origins of clocks and time keeping, as well as the micro- and astrophysics of time. I found the chapters on the history of timekeeping and astrophysics fascinating but the one on protons, ions, atoms, and so forth, much less so. Ultimately her purpose in explaining all these seen and unseen wonders is to remind the reader just how big God really is and to attempt to grasp the concept that as big as God is He still cares for each one of His Creations.

In the end, there was no ‘grand’ illumination of knowledge, at least for me, on being at peace with the time I’ve been given on this Earth. Still, I enjoyed the book and it was very uplifting. Definitely on the bi-annual reread list!

Rating 4 out of 5 paws

jackReviewer: Jack

Ellen Vaughn

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One thought on “Time Peace

  1. pilch92 February 24, 2016 / 8:09 pm

    Great review Jack I am adding that to my Goodreads list.

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