2 versions of The Three Little Pigs

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Here are two books telling the same story in two different ways. Both cute but see if you can guess which one was my favorite! (Be sure to scroll all the way to the bottom to see my mom’s version of these silly pigs!)

Huff and Puff

Claudia Rueda

Abrams Appleseed, an imprint for Abrams, 2012

A retelling of the classic story, Three Little Pigs, this time with an interactive twist from the reader.

Main characters –

  • 1st pig, lives in a straw house and likes to cook
  • 2nd pig, lives in a wood log house and also likes cooking
  • 3rd pig, lives in a brick house and is happy
  • Wolf, whom we never really see, because he is the reader

This book is definitely for the very young reader, the drawings are sweet but not complex and the wording is simple and easy to read.  I laughed out loud at the ending because it was a surprise. Since the book was a library book I didn’t huff and puff as the book instructed the reader to do (who knows what little mouths have been on those pages!) but kids will get a kick out of it!

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Rating: 3 paws for a surprise ending and cute pigs

The Three Pigs

David Wiesner

Clarion Books, imprint of Houghton Mifflin Company

A twist on The Three Little Pigs, these pigs escape the wolf in a very unusual way. Along the way, they meet the characters of Hey diddle diddle, the cat and the fiddle nursery rhyme and a dragon.

Main characters –

  • Three Pigs, of course, and very clever in their getaway
  • The Wolf, naturally, and befuddled over the disappearing pigs

Secondary characters –

  • The Cat and the Fiddle, curious as cats always are he ends of following the pigs
  • A Great Dragon, whom the pigs help escape from a knight charged with killing him


Mom got this book from the local library and we read it together and laughed out loud it was so funny! She said it reminds her of her favorite authors’ Thursday Next novels (Jasper Fforde). If you have read his work then you might get the hint. I don’t want to tell anything about what happens – it spoils the surprise! But truly, a cute book and one that will easily be read over and over again by the younger set.

simon pawsimon pawsimon pawsimon paw

 Rating: 4 paws for imagination and an original take on a very old tale.

feb 26 05abboth reviewed by Simon

Claudia Rueda Claudia Rueda, Huff and Puff

Other books:

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 David Wiesner, The Three Pigs

Other books:

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I really want to read these books – mainly for the outstanding artwork! I’ll get my mom to get as many from the library as she can and then read / review them all together!

My next review will be of 2 more versions of the The Three Little Pigs!  See you then!

Now, my mom’s version – originally published on her Orangemarmalade blog!

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The Three Little Wolves and the Big Bad Pig


The Three Little Wolves and the Big Bad Pig

By Eugene Trivizas

Illustrated by Helen Oxenbury

Scholastic, 1994 & Macmillan, 1993

A cute reverse retelling of the Three Little Pigs!

 Main Characters:

·         3 little wolves, a white one, a grey one, a black one

·         Big Bad Pig

So in this reverse story, it is the wolves who are trying to build a house to keep the pig out. They try brick, concrete and steel, all to no avail. Finally they try flowers because they’re so beautiful. And guess what? That’s right, the flowers work! When the Big Bad Pig breathes in the fragrance of the flowers he is changed and becomes the Big Good Pig!

I first read this book when I was living with my mom’s sister. My cousins had this book and it was so funny that when mom saw it at a garage sale she got it for me! Thanks mom!

Rating: 3 paws  for the wonderful memories it evoked!

simon pawsimon pawsimon paw

feb 26 05ab Reviewer: Simon

I’m posting my reviews of kid’s books because Santa will be visiting soon and these are good additions to every library! Kids, be sure to ask Santa for your favorites!

I looked for similar books – here’s what I found:




WOW! I didn’t know there was so many versions! I’m going to search some out so I can review them! How about you?