I Wish I Was Sick, Too!

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I Wish I Was Sick, Too!

Franz Brandenberg
Illustrated by Aliki
Random House, 1976

From Goodreads, “When Edward gets sick and gets special treatment in bed, his sister thinks itis unfair and wants to get sick as well.”

Very cute story about a kitten who is jealous of her brother. Now, kittens, let’s be honest – when one of your siblings was getting special treatment for something or another, were you jealous of them? Did you wish you could get special stuff, too? I’m sure you have, we all do; its apart of being a cat (or person). And even though its in our nature to be jealous of others, we can choose not to be. I know its hard, but there’s an old adage that says, “Be careful what you wish for; you just might get it.” And getting what we wish for doesn’t always turn out to be a good thing.

Elizabeth is jealous of her brother and wishes she were sick so she could get special treatment, too. Well, she did get sick and it makes me wonder if it was worth feeling miserable, probably queasy and weak just to get those niceties of eating in bed, phone calls from aunt and uncle, grandma reading to her and so on. She must have thought it not worth it because she was so grateful to get well.

This little picture book is a good way to learn not to be jealous of others. Next time you’re feeling jealous over what’s going on with a sibling or friend, remember that its better to be thankful for the good that’s in their lives as well as yours!

Rating 4 out of 5 paws for a good life lesson and very cute illustrations.

Reviewer: Simon


It’s All About Me-ow

its all about meow a

It’s All About ME-ow

Hudson Talbott
Nancy Paulson Books, Penguin Young Readers, 2012

From the dust jacket, “Cats rule! And this funny, endearing look at cat culture celebrates all the wonders of our fabulous feline friends – from whiskers to tail. Do you ever wonder how cats achieve the perfect balance of “cattitude” and cuteness? How they’ve mastered the art of charming humans? Here, all the tricks of their trade are revealed as a wise cat happily shares essential advice with the younger generation. Entertaining lessons abound, including a catwalk through history, guidance on what animals to catch (mouse = do, gerbil = don’t), and the importance of purr therapy to calm your humans.”

Loved this book! It’s funny and so true!! We cats are shown to be superior to humans in every way, especially in communication skills. Humans are so weird – and LOUD! We really need to teach our humans the more refined, subtle message of ‘cat’. And I loved the closing ‘words of wisdom’ – “Keep your outside mild, but your inside wild.”

Rating: 4 out of 5 – for absolute total cuteness and fact!!!!

Reviewer: simon-locSimon



Charlie and the Christmas Kitty

charlie and the christmas kitty a

Charlie and the Christmas Kitty

Ree Drummond
Illustrations by Diane deGroat
Harper, an imprint of HarperCollinsPublishers, 2012

From the dust jacket: “Why is there a great big tree in the house?!? And why are all these boxes underneath it? Hey—what is that?!? Where did it come from? Uh oh. This isn’t good. … This isn’t good at all!

“In this hilarious follow-up to the New York Times bestselling picture book Charlie the Ranch Dog, Ree Drummond—the Pioneer Woman herself—delivers a story about getting into the holiday spirit and finding the good in all. Even though Charlie may not have put a kitty on his Christmas list, he learns that if you keep an open heart, new friends can come in unexpected packages.”

What a cute holiday story! Boy, is Charlie the basset hound surprised when he finds a kitten under the tree on Christmas morning! He’s so funny when he tries to ignore the kitten at first and then when he tries to scare him off with a big bark/howl. And then, poor guy, is surprised at the very end by another youngster! A very sweet and heartwarming story to read to your kittens during this season of cheer!

Rating 4 out of 5 paws for the sweet story and adorable illustrations.



Castaway Cats

castaway-catsCastaway Cats

story by Lisa Wheeler and art by Ponder Goembel

A Richard Jackson Book, Atheneum Books for Young Readers, 2006


I have an adorable picture book for you! This is how it starts out – “On an island/in the ocean,/ near the land of Singapore,/midst a storm of great proportion,/ fifteen cats were washed ashore.” There were 7 kittens and 8 adults – a calico tom named Mittens (who has muscles and an anchor tattoo), a Persian Blue, an angora, a bobtail, a beat-up tabby, a pair of Siamese cats, and an orange marmalade. They all must band together if they are to survive on a tiny island in the ocean. At first they look for help to rescue them and then decide they’re on their own. Will they be able to survive?  Will they even be able to get along with each other? 

The illustrations are absolutely adorable and the story is told via rhyming poetry.  The print is large enough for early readers to enjoy; there are so larger words that may be difficult at first but every reader needs their vocabulary expanded! 

I loved this book – it’s got everything you could want – cats, cats and more cats – plus kittens!; an adventure at sea; a lesson on how to get along with the ones around you and that family doesn’t always mean the folks you were born to!

Rating: 4 paws

simon eye enhanceReviewer: Simon

I pulled these images off the internet – they aren’t very good quality – but let that encourage you to check the book out at your library!!

Willy the Wandering Kitten

scan0014[Who Wants to Adopt] Willy the Wandering Kitten
No author or illustrator credited
Derrydale Books, 1988


I’m back with another picture book because Toby and Jack are taking FOREVER with their books.


Young Willy, a three-month old tabby kitten, is very keen to explore the world around him. He has grown tired of chasing butterflies with his brothers and living with mom in the garden. Mom has told all her boys not to go into the house – that’s where the people live! – but one day Willy notices the back door open to the house and he sneaks away and into forbidden territory. Once inside he plays with yarn, explores the house, is almost swished by a broom, meets a mouse and gets caught in a spider web. After the web he decides it’s time to go back outside. He meets a dog, a pony and her foal, a baby hedgehog and another kitten his age. After a long, long day of exploring, in the end, Willy just wants to go to mom.
This oversized picture book has beautiful, realistic illustrations. The print is medium large but the letters and words are close together and there are a lot of them! Young readers should have no trouble reading the book to very early readers and Willy’s adventures makes for happy dreams if read at nap or bedtime. Although Willy narrowly avoids disaster on a couple of occasions, he’s never in any real danger but he learns to be courageous and do the thing that frightens him.
I don’t know if the book is still officially in print, but you can get a copy fairly cheap on Amazon. Mom got our copy at the thrift store. If you can find one, it would be a nice addition to your cat book collection!!
Rating 4 paws
simon eye enhanceReviewer: Simon


reading c This is so funny – mom has an overdue book!!!!