The Boy and the Blue Moon

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The Boy and the Blue Moon 

Sara O’Leary
Illustrated by Ashley Crowley
Godwin Books, 2018

From the dust jacket, “When there’s a blue moon, magical things can happen—and in this enchanting picture book about a boy and his cat, they do.”

In this beautiful, blue book, the whole world is blue – including the boy and the cat. They go on a walk through a blue forest, and ultimately end up on the Blue Moon. The story is full of charm, magic, wishes, hopes and dreams. But the illustrations are amazing – especially where the boy and cat are in a boat on a lake – gorgeous and dreamy!!!

The only fault it has is one of continuity – an error so small that it would have been missed – but we’ve seen so many lately (or maybe they’ve always been there and we haven’t noticed), we’ve decided to point them out – anyhoo, it appears the cat slipped out of his life-jacket for a page while they were on the lake. It’s a small illustration snafu, so no biggie.

Rating 5 out of 5 paws for being beautiful, blissful, bewitching, and blue.



The Great Dictionary Caper

dictionary caper

The Great Dictionary Caper

Judy Sierra
Illustrations by Eric Comstock
Simon Schuster/Paula Wiseman Books, 2018

From “When all of the words escape from the dictionary, it’s up to Noah Webster to restore alphabetical order in this supremely wacky picture book that celebrates language.

“Words have secret lives. On a quiet afternoon the words escape the dictionary (much to the consternation of Mr. Noah Webster) and flock to Hollywood for a huge annual event—Lexi-Con. Liberated from the pages, words get together with friends and relations in groups including an onomatopoeia marching band, the palindrome family reunion, and hide-and-seek antonyms. It’s all great fun until the words disagree and begin to fall apart. Can Noah Webster step in to restore order before the dictionary is disorganized forever?”

At first, I wasn’t going to bother reviewing the book, I didn’t like it, found it boring and didn’t want to waste a post on it. From the title, the book sounds like a mystery but inside it is literally a bunch of words illustrated as living creatures and each page introduces the reader to a different type of word. It felt like a lesson in grammar rather than an enjoyable mystery for young kittens – which is great if you’re a kindergarten teacher. EXCEPT, the author, editors and publishers all missed the misspelled word! Can you believe it? A book for kittens about a dictionary and grammar and it has a misspelled word. The Library can tolerate one or two misspelled words in a novel – everybody makes mistakes but to misspell the word ‘rhyming’ (spelled ‘ryhming’) is unforgivable. I mean really. The word even gets flagged by spellcheck!

Rating 2 out of 5 paws ONLY because of the illustrations. They are cute and the artist did a good job. The book really needs to be pulled from production, corrected and reissued with a sincere apology to all the libraries who spent a part of their tight budgets on a bad book.

Reviewer: simon-locSimon



An Artist’s Alphabet

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An Artist’s Alphabet

Norman Messenger
Candlewick Studio, 2016

From the dust jacket, “See how the shape of each letter is transformed into an extraordinary object in this ingenious and intriguing alphabet by Norman Messenger, the creator of Imagine and The Land of Neverbelieve.”

What an extraordinary book! This isn’t your average alphabet book – for instance, A does not stand for apple, C for cat or Q for queen. In the artist’s interpretation, A is a pair of circus performers, C is a line of waves, and Q is a group snakes. Not only are the subjects unusual, the colors are as well. No primary colors here – they’re all muted and earthy-toned. Very subtle, but very beautiful. We are adding this book to our list of must-haves! There are tons of inspiration within its covers and we guarantee you’ll be excited when you read this book.

Rating 5 out of 5 because it’s so gorgeous and awesome!!



The Library Book

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The Library Book

Tom Chapin and Michael Mark
Illustrated by Chuck Groenink
Atheneum Books for Young Readers, 2017

From the dust jacket, “The rain is pouring, Dad is snoring, and the same old stuff is on TV-boring. What is there to do today? Go to the library, of course! Who will we find there?

“Charmingly illustrated and based on the catchy “Library Song” by Tom Chapin and Michael Mark, here is an affectionate, exuberant, uproarious celebration of – SHHHH! – libraries!”

Any book about libraries, we, here at the LoC absolutely love!! In this book a young girl goes to the library and meets all sorts of friends there while she decides who to take home. It starts first with Winnie the Pooh but then Madeline wants to go home with her. Then The Cat in the Hat, Pinocchio, the Cheshire Cat, Babar and Cinderella all join in clamoring to go home with her. Suddenly more and more books are shouting “Take me home!” Which one will she take? We won’t tell!

Rating 5 out of 5 paws because any book that champions libraries and reading is the best kind of book!!!!



library book blibrary book c

I Am a Cat

i am a cat a

I am a Cat

Galia Bernstein
Abrams Books for Young Readers, 2017

From the dust jacket, “Simon thinks he’s a cat. But Lion, Cheetah, Puma, Panther and Tiger disagree. Can Simon convince the big cats that they are all more alike than they seem?”

I love reading books when the main character is named after me! Well, at least we share the same name! Anyway, for every reason the big cats give for why Simon is not a cat, Simon just takes it all in and in the end, he challenges what they believe. My favorite part is in the beginning when Simon says, “I am a Cat” and at first, the big cats just stare at him, and then they burst out laughing wildly. So funny! Your kittens will just love this book! And maybe they’ll get the subtle lesson that while we are different on the outside, we are really all the same on the inside!!!

Rating 5 out of 5 paws – Simon is just too adorable not to rate a 5!



i am a cat b