2016 – SRC

It’s time for the Virginia Beach Public Library Summer Reading Challenge 2016!!!

The Challenge runs June 6 through August 6 and we’ll be reading according to the Bingo Card Below! Each time we finish a book, we’ll show you which space we filled on the card. We’ll also include a link to the book review. Remember that sometimes we read faster than we review so not all book covers will be linked at first but we promise to have them all reviewed by the end of September!!

BINGO Card!!

src 2016 LOC


The RED Check-mark means we have Read and Reviewed (except for the free square, of course)!!! The Green Check-mark means we have read and the review is in the que waiting to be posted!

Books we’ve read so far!

no cats allowed mercy queen of heartsi could pee  cat who came back  ollies-odyssey-  Demigods_&_Magicians  how-my-cat-made-me-a-better-man_3028_600 illustrating justice  TheBlackStallion lost hero three terrible trins The-Invention-of-Hugo-Cabret-BIG   Lwyer-for-the-cat  baker street  secrets of lost cats  Reserved-for-the-Cat-Mercedes-Lacke19-med oogy 0805 wrinkle 0803 loc romancing the ordinary 0807


Here’s this years’ book bag, along with last year!!



tote bag a