Cat Got Your Diamonds

cat got your diamonds

Cat Got Your Diamonds
A Kitty Couture Mystery

Julie Chase
Crooked Lane Books, 2016

From the dust jacket, “Grandeur and opulence are everything in the famed New Orleans Garden District, where pets are family and no bling is too big. Opening Furry Godmother, pet boutique and organic treat bakery, is Lacy Marie Crocker’s dream come true. After returning home following a nasty breakup with her (now ex) fiancé Pete the Cheat, it’s exactly the fresh start she needs, despite her old money mother’s disapproval.

“Full of peanut butter pupcakes and bacon-infused pawlines, and displaying sparkly Shih Tzu tutus and swanky cat headscarves, Lacy’s pink-and-green, chandeliered shop is a pet lover’s paradise. That is, until a man attacks her in her shop only to turn up dead the next morning – with her glitter gun as the murder weapon. And Lacy becomes public enemy #1.

“Now handsome yet dogged Detective Jack Oliver is hounding her, her business investor wants out before his name is tarnished by association and a string of jewel heist has locals on edge. To save her dream, Lacy must make a stand, put her keen eyes to work, and unravel what really happened at her shop that night. But can she sniff out the killer in time to get her tail-raising designs on the catwalk?”

This was a fun book to read even though it’s a formulaic cozy mystery. I consider books like this a day at the beach for the brain – they’re relaxing and easy to read after taxing day at work or reading what I call a heavy or thought-provoking book. There’s a beautiful woman who has turned to sleuthing to prove her innocence, the dashing male detective who thinks she’s guilty at first, and an odd assortment of family and friends who come to her aide. The only thing missing in this first book is a four-legged companion!

Rating 4 out of 5 paws – the lush New Orleans atmosphere is palpable; the mystery is nicely twisted and the solution was a total surprise! Plus, there’s recipes for Pupcakes, Pawlines, and Tiny Tuna Tarts in the back of the book that sound really good – especially the tarts because, well, it’s got tuna!! Get your human to make you some snacks, then sit back, read and enjoy!!





Happy Halloween, Mittens

happy halloween mittens a

Happy Halloween, Mittens

Lola M. Schaefer

Pictures by Susan Kathleen Hartung

Harper, an imprint of HarperCollinsPublishers, 2010

From the dust jacket: “Nick is getting ready for Halloween, and Mittens wants to help. But the only thing he seems to be good at is making a mess—until Mittens finds his own way to contribute to the special night’s spooky good fun.”

This is a beginning reader book that is very cute. The print is very large, with simple sentences that carry the story along. The pictures are sweet and show lots of expression in both Nick and Mittens. When you and your kittens are getting ready for Halloween, this is the perfect book to read! You’ll laugh at Mitten’s antics, feel a little sorry for him when he gets into trouble but want to cheer when he finally saves the holiday!

Rating 4 out of 5 paws for a very cute gray tabby kitten that reminds mom of {Angel} Agnes.




Bad Kitty: Scaredy-Cat

bad kitty scaredy cat a


Bad Kitty: Scaredy-Cat


Nick Bruel

A Neal Porter Book, Roaring Book Press, 2016

From the dust jacket, “Kitty wasn’t always such a scaredy-cat.  She used to be brave. She used to be daring. She used to be energetic! That is, until one late October day a group of terrifying monsters showed up on her doorstop. (I think that’s supposed to be ‘doorstep’). There was … an Angry Alien and a Bizarre Bigfoot and a Creepy clown!

“Then kitty became scared … very scared. Until she discovered they came with Candy. In this spookily hilarious picture book, she’s up against something scary, something creepy, and something more frightening than Puppy’s slobber: Halloween.”

Here’s yet another book about a kitty being bad, and yet again, I don’t like reading books about cats being bad. And, like Rotten Ralph, Bad Kitty is not a prettily illustrated cat. She’s not as ugly as Rotten Ralph, but she’s definitely on the ugly side of the fence. Why do authors and illustrators think that only ugly cats can misbehave? PeggySue is a beautiful cat – but boy is she rotten when she wants to be!

Anyway, this book about Halloween is pretty cute – it counts down the alphabet several times; first all about who Kitty was (a gallant kitty, an inept kitty, a kittenish kitty. Then, as trick or treaters begin coming to the house, the reader counts down a Bad Kitty alphabet of monsters! The third time there’s a Bad Kitty alphabet it’s all about the candy the trick or treaters dropped – which just sets her off in frantic Bad Kitty-walloping the monsters alphabet. That one is very funny!!

Since I sort-of like Bad Kitty, I’ll be giving her another chance in a Christmas book I’ll be reading later. But for now, her rating is 3 out of 5 paws. Her story was cute but she sure isn’t!!!





Halloween Book Reviews!

It’s time for Halloween Book reviews! During the month of October I will be reviewing the following books for your reading pleasure!


You can see my focus was on cats! Halloween is my favorite time of year because being a black cat is in vogue!!

Please come back throughout the month!!







Betsy Cornwell

Clarion Books, 2017

From the dust jacket, “Nicolette’s Cinderella story is over, and she’s finally living her own fairy tale happy ending. She’s a successful inventor now, free of her horrible stepfamily, and content in her loving friendship with Caro, a palace servant, and Fin, the Prince of Esting.

“Then she receives a message from her long-lost housekeeper, now a revolutionary, begging her to bring the prince to Faerie for a diplomatic meeting. Nicolette fears a trap, but decides that the chance to end the bloody war waged by their kingdom is worth the risk.

“Together with Fin and Caro, she ventures across the monster-filled ocean to the lush continent she’s always dreamed of visiting. There, mechanical armies and dark magic await as they uncover devastating secrets about the past and fight for a real, lasting happily-ever-after for two troubled countries – and themselves.”

This is the sequel to Mechanica (click on the name for a link to my review) and it was good. When I read BobbieSue’s review, I saw she hadn’t planned on reading the sequel but I’m glad I did. it had been 2 years since the Library first read Mechanica and it took a while to remember the character’s story. but once I did, I enjoyed the book, for the most part.

The main character, Nick (Nicolette) is a brilliant inventor and creates machines to aid in housework and mechanical trinkets to wear. She is in a ‘friendship-relationship’ with two other people, Caro and Fin, which, I will admit freely, made me uncomfortable at times. The three of them love each other equally and are with each other as much as possible. They sleep together in one big bed and there’s no obvious or implied sexual attraction or activity, but they do kiss and hold each other frequently. Let the squeamish reader be warned!

But beyond the discomfort I found with their group relationship/dynamics, the story was exciting and imaginative. Its full of mechanical beings, or automatons, who are brought to life by the use of Ashes, a magical ingredient harvested in a truly terrible way. There is a large battle scene and many fey, Estingers and automatons are killed but none of it is too gruesome or gratuitous.  The author has crafted a sequel better than the first book – so far away with the original fairy tale theme of Cinderella – that it could almost stand on its own.

Rating: 4 out of 5 paws because Nick’s story touched my heart. This book ends neatly and doesn’t need another follow-up; but you never know with authors these days!