Lola Gets a Cat

lola gets a cat

Lola Gets a Cat

Anna McQuinn
Illustrated by Rosalind Beardshaw
Charlesbridge, 2017

From the dust jacket: “Lola really wants a cat. But Mommy says pets are a lot of work. Lola is eager to find out more.
“She reads all about cats at the library. She takes extra good care of her stuffed cat toys. When Lola finally gets to adopt a cat of her own, she knows just what to do.”

Awwwww – this book is very Awwwww worthy! If you’re a human and your kitten, er, child wants a cat, this is a book to read. It shows exactly how it should happen. Read, practice, adopt!!!

Lola is so adorable with all her cat paraphernalia in her room (she reminds me of mom and her cat stuff!). We ABSOLUTELY LOVE that Lola’s mom takes her to the LIBRARY to find out more information. Books are way better than Googling it! Then she puts in to practice what she’s read – never were stuffed kitties so well fed! Then it’s time and off to the shelter they go – another thing we ABSOLUTELY LOVE! – to find the right kitty. Kitty is finally brought home and learns how much Lola loves her.

Thinking of adopting one of us regal creatures to grace your home? Read this ‘how-to’ book first! You won’t regret it.

Rating 5 out of 5 paws because there is nothing we don’t like about this story and has everything to love in it!!





A Cat Named Swan

a cat named swan.jpg

A Cat Named Swan

Holly Hobbie
Random House, 2017

From the back of the book: “When this abandoned kitten is adopted, his whole world is transformed….”

Sweet little kitten wakes up to find his mother and siblings gone – and of course the reader’s heart is breaking. Poor kitten wanders the city streets eating garbage to survive. By now the reader is wondering “Is there an upside to this story?” Well, I’m here to tell you, there is! One day the kitten is stuck in a tree and eventually rescued by Animal Control and taken to a (hopefully no-kill) shelter. He is soon adopted, named Swan, and learns to love and accept love by humans.

This story is more real, I think, than fantasy. It’s very stark in its depiction of the dangers that street cats and kittens face. It’s very truthful when it comes to shelters. A quote for your consideration: “But now there was food. Soon, when nothing harmed him or frightened him, he became less afraid. The new place was safe. Boredom was better than misery.” Did you pick up on that left-handed compliment? ‘Boredom better than misery.’ I’m sure shelters are boring for formerly outdoor kitties. I was never in a shelter, having been placed in a foster home immediately from the streets. And, even though the author is telling the story from the kittens’ POV, that phrase just struck me as odd in a children’s picture book. Maybe I’m just being overly picky; it just bothers me. The rest of the story is, of course, the happily ever after fairy tale. Swan is loved by all and learns to love his humans.

Although it is a lovely story, I’m not sure I would read it to my kittens. The first part is too real for the very youngest. And as the type is small-medium, and there’s a lot of words, beginning readers might have difficulty with it on their own. All-in-all, a well-written book with lovely illustrations; it’s just not for me.

Rating 3 out of 3 paws for being too raw for my tastes in the beginning.





Mr. Fuzzbuster Knows He’s the Favorite

mr fuzzbuster

Mr. Fuzzbuster Knows He’s the Favorite

Stacy McAnulty
Illustrated by Edward Hemingway
Two Lions, Amazon, 2017

From the dust jacket: “Mr. Fuzzbuster knows he’s Lily’s favorite. After all, the two of them have been together since she was in diapers and he fit in a teacup. They spent all their time together. But now four more animals also live in the house, and each think they’re Lily’s favorite. So it’s up to Mr. Fuzzbuster to show them once and for all whom she loves best….”

This book is so cute! I just love Mr. Fuzzbuster – not only is he all black, but he’s handsome and smart – just like me!! Of course he’s Lily’s favorite. I mean, who is a lizard, a dog, a bird and a fish compared to a sleek house panther!! Well, at least that’s what we think – but it turns out, Lily is quite fair in her love for her pets and she shows each of them how much they are loved. Wonderful illustrations – they’re simple yet very expressive. You can just see the pride in Fuzzbuster’s face – but also the disappointment, too. This is a sweet book we adding to our wish list.

Rating 5 out of 5 paws because we love it and we’re sure your kittens will love it, too!!







With Words from the King James Bible

Fiona French
Harper Collins Publishers, 2002

From the dust jacket, “With words from the Gospels of the King James Bible and luminous artwork inspired by England’s glorious stained-glass cathedral windows, this beautiful book celebrates the story of Easter.
“In twelve radiant panoramas, Kate Greenaway medalist Fiona French re-creates the complete Easter story—beginning with Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem through the last supper, the crucifixion, the resurrection, and Jesus’ appearance to the disciples, and culminating with his ascension into heaven.”

This is a very pretty book. Each page is like looking at a stained-glass window from the Middle Ages. The words are, as the publisher has said, are from the King James Bible and they tell the story of Easter week, or “Passion” week. Each of the Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke and John) told the same story and the pictures reflect that. In one picture there’s the man who loses his ear to Peter’s sword during the capture of Jesus, and the artist very subtly depicts that moment in her ‘window’. Another window shows Peter after he has denied Jesus three times and the rooster crowing – just as Jesus said he would – even though the main focus is that of Jesus being abused by the soldiers. If the reader is familiar with the different versions of Passion Week they will find hidden meanings in all of the pictures – just like the real windows of England. (In the Middle Ages the public was largely illiterate and the only real way of communicating the story of Jesus with them was through plays, paintings and stained-glass windows.)

Rating 4 of 5 paws because not only is it a beautiful book but the artist is faithful to the story, even of the crucifixion of Jesus.





Miz Fannie Mae’s Fine New Easter Hat


Miz Fannie Mae’s Fine New Easter Hat

Melissa Milich
Illustrated by Yong Chen
Little, Brown & Company, 1997

From the dust jacket, “Miz Fannie Mae’s husband and daughter want to surprise her with a new Easter hat. When they find, a beautiful hat draped with lace, flowers, fruit, and a tiny nest of speckled eggs, they know it has got to be the finest Easter hat in all of Meridian City. But little do they know just how truly special it is—the whole family is in for a big surprise when Miz Fannie Mae wears her new hat to church and …” **Spoiler Alert!!!** “the eggs start to hatch!”
“In lyrical prose, Melissa Milich tells a hilarious story with roots in a true Easter memory from long ago. Yong Chen, in his picture book debut, makes the distinctive characters and period setting come to life in his graceful, expressive watercolors.”

I enjoyed this book of Easter family fun. It called to mind a tradition lost to some communities – that of having a new hat for Easter Sunday. A new hat was a reminder that spring was here and all the ugly of winter had said goodbye for another year. In the story, it was funny when the mom, Fannie Mae, makes her daughter, Tandy, promise to not let her father bring home an ugly hat. And Tandy and her father in the hat shop – they had fun together and it’s always good to see fathers and their kids having fun together.

The watercolor illustrations are soft and lovely. I like the dreamy feel watercolors can give to a picture and these pictures are of a time that exists only in dreams. Very subtle and very pretty. The text is small to medium and there is a lot of it. This is a picture book for older kittens – not newbies, unless it’s read to them, of course!!

Rating: 4 of 5 paws because of helping us to remember the Easter tradition of new hats!!!