Sleight of Paw

Sleight of paw

Sleight of Paw
Magical Cats: Book 2

Sofie Kelly
Obsidian, 2011

From the back of the book, “Kathleen never wanted to be the crazy cat lady. But when Owens and Hercules followed her home from mysterious Wisteria Hill, she realized her mind wasn’t playing tricks on her: her cats have magical abilities. And when a body is found near Kathleen’s favorite local café, she knows Owen’s talent for turning invisible and Hercules’ ability to walk through closed doors will give the felines access to clues Kathleen couldn’t get without arousing suspicion.

“With her pet partners, and perhaps the assistance of a certain handsome detective, Kathleen is determined to find out who kill Agatha Shepherd, an elderly woman who seems to have helped almost everyone in town at one time or another. Someone is hiding dark secrets, and it will take a bit of fur-tive investigating to catch the coldhearted killer.”

This book takes place in winter and in winter in Minnesota is super cold – not that I’ve ever been there – but the way the author writes about the cold chilled me to my bones!! Of course, the fact that there was a cold-blooded killer on the loose didn’t help! No, the book didn’t scare me but who the murderer turned out to be surprised me big time! Owen and Hercules do help Kathleen solve the mystery and Owen does his part in saving his person’s life (he did the same in the first book.) I wish I could make myself invisible!

Rating 4 out of 5 paws for being a fun (if you can call a murder mystery fun) and, at times, humorous story of a determined librarian and her equally determined feline companions.

Reviewer: BobbieSue


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