The Three Little Pugs and The Big Bad Cat

three little pugs a


The Three Little Pugs and the Big, Bad Cat


Becky Davies

Illustrated by Caroline Attia

Tiger Tales, Little Tiger Press, 2017

From the dust jacket, “Three little pugs named Bubbles, Bandit, and Beauty live with their mother in a kennel in the woods. One day, Mother Pug tells them, “You’re not puppies anymore. It’s time you left to build houses of your own.” She gives them each a backpack full of snacks and warns them to watch out for the Big, Bad Cat. The three little pugs set out, each with a plan to build the perfect house. But will they be able to steer clear of the Big, Bad Cat?”

This adorable picture book is yet another variation on the classic tale of The Three Little Pigs, this time starring pugs instead of pigs and a cat instead of the wolf. Of course, the only reason I check it out of the library was because of the cat!!! In this story, the pugs are real dogs by way of photographs put into illustrations of everything else. The cat, alas, is illustrated – but there’s a very good reason. It would be hard to get a real cat to handle things like a hair dryer, leaf blower and an industrial-type fan.

The book is very funny – I laughed a lot – and I mean a lot – at the Big, Bad Cat! And, oh boy! The ending – my goodness – what a surprise! So, so funny!!! I know the pugs have the “starring role” but I really preferred the cat’s surprising antics to the dogs’ predictable ones (you know, a house of straw, a house of sticks and a house of bricks, blah, blah, blah). This is a very cute book to read to your kittens, over and over again – they’ll love it – I promise!!!

Rating: 4 paws out of 5 – I had to take away a paw rating because of the dog factor. The cat alone, however was an absolute 5 paw rating!!




2 thoughts on “The Three Little Pugs and The Big Bad Cat

  1. 15andmeowing September 9, 2017 / 9:24 pm

    Great review Simon. That looks like a fun book.


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