Bits & Pieces

bits & pieces a

Bits & Pieces

Judy Schachner
Dial Books for Young Readers, 2013

From the dust jacket: “Tink has everything he ever wanted: delicious treats, hugs and kisses, and even a kitten to raise. The only thing missing is wild outdoor adventure. So when the opportunity arises, Tink sneaks away—and becomes an outdoor cat for one unforgettable night before his is found and returned home.

“With meltingly tender illustrations, bestselling author Judy Schachner creates a warm and poignant portrait of a beloved pet and the family who loves him to bits and pieces.”

Right off the bat, we loved this book. Of course, everything by Judy Schachner is tops in our library! Tink is modeled after her own cat whom I’m guessing she loved to bits and pieces. From start to finish it’s easy to fall in love with Tink and his antics – especially the illustration of licking the butter. Angel Piper loved butter, too! Mom kept it on the counter until she started finding tongue prints in it! My heart hurt a little when Tink was lost and almost ended up at a shelter!

Bits & Pieces is a wonderful book to have in your home to share with kittens and humans alike. It will touch your heart and is a perfect companion book to The Grannyman.

Rating: 5 paws out of 5 because it is exactly what the publishers said – “meltingly tender illustrations” and “a warm and poignant portrait of a beloved pet.” I can’t say it any better than that.




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