More Jenny Linsky and the Cat Club Adventures

2 More Adventures of Jenny:

jenny's moonlight adventure

Jenny’s Moonlight Adventure
A Jenny’s Cat Club Book

Esther Averill
The New York Review Children’s Collection, 1973, 1949

From the back of the book, “Hallowe’en, a special night for black cats everywhere, but especially for Jenny, the shy little black cat in a red scarf from Greenwich Village!

“At nine o’clock the entire Cat Club will convene for an even that each and every one of the cats, from Romulus and Remus, to wise old Solomon, has been eagerly awaiting: the beautiful Persian, Madame Butterfly, will be performing a concert for them on her crystal flute. Except Madame Butterfly has hurt herself and – not only that – she has lost her flute! Where can it be, and when they find it, how can they get it back to Madame Butterfly so that she can play? Hallowe’en is Jenny’s night, and it’s Jenny who comes up with a plan, a very adventurous one, too. But will she pull it off?”

Of course, Jenny pulls it off! It wouldn’t be a Jenny Linsky story if she didn’t! She faces her paralyzing fear of dogs by outsmarting them, helping her friends in the process.



the school for cats

The School for Cats
A Jenny’s Cat Club Book

Esther Averill
The New York Review Children’s Collection, 1973, 1947

From the back of the book: “Jenny Linsky, the shy little black cat of Greenwich Village, has never been to school. Until, that is, the day her master, Captain Tinker, decides it’s time for her to study cat lore in the country. The School for Cats seems like a scary place at first, full of strangers who know how to do all sorts of clever things that Jenny doesn’t understand. Worse still, Pickles, the Fire Cat, famous for chasing all the littler cats around with his fire truck, is a student there! He frightens Jenny so much that one day she runs away.

“But she doesn’t stay away for long. After an adventure in the forest that helps her feel braver, Jenny realizes she’s ready to face school and Pickle’s teasing. Which is how Jenny learns a lesson in courage and Pickles in consideration, and the two become friends for life.”

Wow! I wish I could go to school like Jenny! The school is like sleep-away camp but much more fun! Even though Jenny ran away from Pickles at first, she learns to stand up to him; this is the same Pickles that was in the first book I reviewed, Jenny and the Cat Club.

The copies I read are printed large enough for early readers and the black and white pictures are adorable with accents of red, yellow and orange. Please check out these little books for yourself or your kittens!!


Rating for both books: 4 out of 5 paws because I love this series for its gentleness and innocence – perfect for young kittens who are not yet jaded by the insanity of the world.



2 thoughts on “More Jenny Linsky and the Cat Club Adventures

  1. Summer June 7, 2017 / 1:58 pm

    These Jenny stories are all so charming.


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