Hammer of Thor


The Hammer of Thor
Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard

Rick Riordan
Disney*Hyperion, 2016
From the dust jacket: “It’s been six weeks since Magnus and his friends returned from defeating Fenris Wolf and the fire giants. Magnus has adjusted to life at the Hotel Valhalla—as much as a once-homeless and previous alive kid can. As a son of Frey, the god of summer, fertility, and health, Magnus doesn’t exactly fit in with the rest of Odin’s chosen warriors, but he as a few good peeps among his hall mates on floor nineteen, and he’s been dutifully training for Ragnarok along with everyone else. His days have settle into a new kind of normal.
“But Magnus should have known there’s no such thing as normal in the Nine Worlds. His friends Hearthstone and Blitzen have disappeared. A new hallmate is creating chaos. According to a very nervous goat, a certain object belonging to Thor is still missing, and the thunder god’s enemies will stop at nothing to gain control of it.
“Time to summon Jack, the Sword of Summer, and take action. Too bad the only action Jack seems to be interested is dates with other magical weapons… .”

Written in first person, this book takes the reader on another rollicking adventure with one of Riordan’s many young hero characters. Magnus Chase is 16 and has to deal with seemingly inept Norse gods and goddess who are too powerful for their own good. And, in a surprising twist (this is not a spoiler), Magnus’ cousin is Annabeth Chase, of the Percy Jackson and the Greek/Roman gods fame. How weird is that having Norse gods run around Boston and Greek gods run around New York? Weird, definitely; but a lot of fun!

As with all Riordan’s books this one moved along quickly with nonstop action and surprising turns along the way. He loosely follows the Norse mythology but puts his own spin on the stories. There is a really surprising cliff hanger at the end – it’s going to be hard to wait until Oct 2017 to find out what happens, but I have no choice! And just because the main character is a boy doesn’t mean girls won’t have fun with this book. There is also Sam, the Valkyrie who reaped Magnus, who is a very strong role model for girls who want adventure but also has a good sense of responsibility and strong moral values. There is some fantasy violence but nothing too gory or gratuitous. Another Riordan gem!

Rating 5 out 5 paws because this page turner is just too much fun!


Reviewer: Toby


2 thoughts on “Hammer of Thor

  1. 15andmeowing February 3, 2017 / 6:57 pm

    Not my kind of book Toby, but that was a good review.


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