Together for Kwanzaa


Together for Kwanzaa

Juwanda Ford

Illustrated by Shell Hehenberger

A Random House Pictureback Book, 2000

Publisher’s description: “While celebrating Kwanzaa and its many traditions with her parents, Kayla hopes that her big brother Khari will get home from college before the holiday is over.”

I knew absolutely nothing about this Kwanzaa before I read this book; now I know a lot more! The author explains very simply what Kwanzaa is and why it is celebrated. It is a wonderful holiday centered around the celebration of family and community. And even though the book is about the holiday, the reader can feel the disappointment and hope of Kayla, as she waits for her beloved brother to come home.  The text is medium-small so early readers may need help with the book. The illustrations are rich in color and beautifully detailed. Even if you don’t celebrate Kwanzaa, it is always good to learn about someone else’s tradition!

Rating 4 paws



Reviewer Simon

One thought on “Together for Kwanzaa

  1. pilch92 January 1, 2017 / 12:31 am

    Sounds like a good way to learn about Kwanzaa.


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