Saying Grace

grace.jpgSaying Grace
A Prayer for Thanksgiving
Virginia Kroll
Timothy Ladwig, illustrator
Zonderkidz, Zondervan, 2009
From the jacket flap: “Grace’s mind was racing. What was that spelling word that meant “great generosity in giving”? She squeezed her eyes shut, and it came to her. Bounty. That was the word! Journey back in time with Grace and relive both the hardships and blessings along with her pioneer family. Saying Grace tells the story of one girl and her discovery of the value of mealtime prayer at her family’s first Thanksgiving.
Grace is 8 years old and what her mother calls a “fretter.” Instead of praying and trusting in God’s goodness, she frets, or, worries about what’s going to happen. This beautifully illustrated picture book follows her through all four seasons, ending as it started, in fall.  Grace’s story is a sweet and gentle way to remind the reader to pray, to trust, and to be grateful for the bounty in their lives.
Rating  4 paws
thanks-danaReviewer: Simon

2 thoughts on “Saying Grace

  1. pilch92 November 24, 2016 / 9:01 pm

    Great review, that sounds like a nice book.


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