The Very Stuffed Turkey

24612644The Very Stuffed Turkey
Katharine Kenah
Binny Talib, illustrator
Cartwheel books, an imprint of Scholastic, Inc., 2015
From the back of the book: “With five Thanksgiving dinners to eat, there’s going to be one very stuffed turkey!”
A very cute story of Turkey, who had received five invitations to Thanksgiving dinner – and because he didn’t want to hurt any of his friends feelings, he decided to go to all five! First up is the Pig family where he enjoys a stew made from beets, corn and worms; then off to the Horse family and a meal of oat and hay cakes, carrots and pumpkin and apple pies. Even though he was feeling really full, he headed on over to the Goat’s meal and had a clover and dandelion casserole; finished with that meal, he went to the Cow’s house and since he was too late for dinner, he instead enjoyed tons of ice cream for dessert! One house left, and it was the Mouse family where Turkey enjoyed yet another Thanksgiving meal, this one of birdseed and berries! After all that food, he was really stuffed!
Another fine story of sharing and friendship with maybe a lesson of not eating too much thrown into the mix. The illustrations were cute and very colorful. The writing is perfect for early readers to read aloud and have fun talking about all the food!
Rating 3 paws
thanks-danaReviewer: Simon

2 thoughts on “The Very Stuffed Turkey

  1. pilch92 November 7, 2016 / 8:56 pm

    Great review Simon, that looks like a cute book.


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