Commander in Cheese: Oval Office Escape

loc oval office 0801Commander in Cheese: Oval Office Escape
Illustrated by A. G. Ford
A Stepping Stone Book, Random House Children’s Books, 2016


When will mom stop bringing home books about mice and their plots against the superior species of C-A-T? (See my review of The Terrible Trins HERE.) This horrid cute little book  is about a family of mice, the Squeakertons, who have lived in the White House for well over a hundred years. The story focuses on two brats sibling mice who are sent by Libby, the mouse cook, to take food to the Situation Room. Ava (7 y.o.) and Dean (9 y.o.) take lunch to the adult mice who keep an eye on everything that goes on around the White House. A new president has moved in and thankfully horror of horrors to the mice, she (yes, I said she) brought her cat, Clover, with her. Now the Squeakertons are upset because the last cat they had to deal with was George Bush’s India – but since she mostly stayed in the First Family’s private quarters she didn’t mess with the mice. But now they find out the new First Cat will have the run of the building – all the mice are in an uproar over it (and they should be!)! Ava and Dean are small, but they are smart and must think of a way to save another mouse who is trapped in the Oval Office! In the process they humiliate Clover (stupid little mice) and ultimately strike a peace treaty between the First Cat and the Squeakertons.


I didn’t like liked this book! This is another book mom and I disagreed on and since she’s the typist she won this battle. (The strike-outs are all her corrections to my review!) It is the second in a series of three (so far) and was quite awful fun to read. The illustrations are adorable – especially of Clover! Also, it’s a cool way to learn a little history about the White House and its Famous Residents! The print is medium-large so it is the perfect chapter book for early readers and the story carries you along until you have finally ended the torture come to a satisfying end.


Rating: mom and I had to compromise again – as you know with any story that involves the humiliation of a cat gets my rating of NO PAWS but mom said the book was cute and the story well done so we came up with a 3-paw rating!!3 paws


bobbiesueReviewer: BobbieSue 


2 thoughts on “Commander in Cheese: Oval Office Escape

  1. pilch92 August 1, 2016 / 6:27 pm

    I am with you BobbieSue, no paws if there is anything in it that is mean to cats.


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