How My Cat Made Me a Better Man

how-my-cat-made-me-a-better-man_3028_600How My Cat Made Me a Better Man


Jeremy Feig
MSI Press, 2016


Description from the back of the book: “How My Cat Made Me a Better Man is a hilarious self-help book for guys, bused on the lessons of an edgy cat named Shelley. It’s packed with useful advice on topics like relationships, dealing with stress, and even grooming habits. If you feel like your life is spinning out of control, this book will help you set things right – and keep you laughing along the way.”


I couldn’t agree more! Except for the title – I really think – as a feline – the book should be titled “How I, Shelly, a fabulous feline with silky black fur, Changed My Human for the Better.” Okay, since my title is a little cumbersome, I’ll just move on. I truly enjoyed this book – not only for the humor but for the sage advice the author offers. Here are a few of my favorites:
  • “Don’t let failure—or the potential for failure—stop you from moving forward. Failing doesn’t define who you are.”  (Pg. 42)
  • “The idea of a long-term commitment can be scary. So, don’t think of it as long-term, Instead, look at it as a series of days that happen to be in consecutive order.” ( Pg. 64)

In each chapter the author covers a specific topic and starts out with a “Cat Tale” in which we learn of the cat incident that triggers the lesson. Then we move on to the “Cat Lesson” in which we learn what we are supposed to learn from the fabulous Shelly; and, finally, we read how to put the lesson into action with practical advice. We are also told ways to “Don’t Copy the Cat” – here is my favorite: “In meeting new people, don’t copy the cat. When you meet a new person, it’s frowned upon to climb on their lap and put your butt in their face. This is only acceptable at strip clubs, and even then, it must be paid for.”  (Pg. 45)

Overall, this book is really smart, well-written, and made me laugh-out-loud quite a lot. And even though I’m only a cat, I found quite a bit of valuable information that can be applied to my humans’ lives.  We can always improve and this book is an excellent manual for doing so.

Here’s the final Cat Lesson: “It’s a big world, filled with things to see, do, touch, and feel. Explore it all. Find what makes you happy.”  (Pg. 131.)

This book makes me happy. Read it. Now!!

Rating  4 paws

jackReviewer: Jack
  • I was provided a copy of this book by the publisher for a fair and honest review. My thoughts and opinions are my own.


Author information:
Twitter:    @JeremyFeig
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Author Bio:
Jeremy Feig is originally from a small town in slightly upstate New York. After graduating from New Paltz College, he moved to Los Angeles for TV and film production work before stumbling into a career in digital marketing. Jeremy spends much of his time working on creative projects, usually involving comedy. He’s written numerous screenplays and TV scripts, created original cartoons, and directed quirky short films. Jeremy lives in Santa Monica with his wife, young daughter, and large cat.


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Topic: Read a Funny Book
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3 thoughts on “How My Cat Made Me a Better Man

  1. Summer July 7, 2016 / 11:48 am

    This sounds like a really cute book!


  2. pilch92 July 7, 2016 / 10:06 pm

    Great review Jack! I just put this on my Goodreads list.


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