The Year of The Flood

The Year of the Flood

Margaret Atwood

Nan A. Talese/DoubleDay, Random House, 2009

This is the follow-up to Oryx and Crake – it is a dystopian novel that takes place alternately in the present and in the past. In this book the events leading up to the mass destruction of almost all of human-kind are told from a different perspective.

Toby, as a young woman,  has been used and abused by a monster of a man named Blanco and escapes into a revolutionary/pacifist group called God’s Gardeners  – they are the few remaining people who still believe in God, live off of what they can grow and live apart from the world as best they can. They honor all the animals that have gone extinct and believe in the coming Waterless Flood wherein God will destroy all people as he did in Noah’s Flood.

Ren is a teenager at the time of the Waterless Flood and is taken by her mother from the manufactured world of the Corporations into the natural world of God’s Gardeners when she is about ten years old. She spends about 6 or 7 years in that world then her mother takes her back to the Compound of the Corporation.

Through their perspectives we see a different view of Glenn/Crake and Jimmy/Snowman and maybe, a few more hints as to why Crake did what he did by destroying humankind.

Having previously read Oryx and Crake this book wasn’t as depressing as the first one – but that’s probably because I am familiar with the world the author created. It’s still a horrifying look at a plausible future for our planet – one that we and future generations will need to work diligently to prevent.

There is hope – and I like that – because some humans did survive and at the end it appears they are banding together to create a new society. The author’s trilogy concludes with Maddadam, which I am currently reading.

If you are remotely concerned about earth’s future, I do recommend reading this group of books.

Rating:4 paws 4 out of 5 paws!

cropped-cropped-visiting-the-vet-2005.jpgReviewer: Toby

  Margaret Atwood


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