Shouldn’t You Be in School?

Shouldn’t You Be in School?
All the Wrong Questions, 3

Lemony Snicket
Art by Seth
Little, Brown and Company, 2014

This is the third in a series of four books by Lemony Snicket with Lemony Snicket as the almost-13-year-old boy protagonist trying to solve a big mystery in the almost-ghost-town of Stain’d-by-the-Sea. In this book the few children left in the city are in danger from Hangfire for an as yet unkown reason. In order to capture all the children, Hangfire burns down the only public school so all children have to go to the only private school in the area. SCAN0005aWhat is Hangfire going to do with the children? Why does he want to keep the drugged? And what is he going to do with all those honeydew melons? Those are all the wrong questions!!!

 Main Characters
*Lemony Snicket – we have now learned that Lemony is a part of VFD (if you read A Series of Unfortunate Events, then you are familiar with VFD), a secret society for the betterment of mankind. Even though his sister needs him in the City, Lemony feels he must solve this mystery first.
*Moxie Mallahan – Lemony’s associate and reporter for the defunct local newspaper. She joins him on his quest to solve the mystery.

Secondary Characters
SCAN0002⇐*Officers Harvey and Mimi Mitchum, police officers of Stain’d by the Sea; they been in the story since the first book so I figured it was about time I mentioned them. They, like all the adults in this book, are inept at their job and completely snookered by their bully son, Stew.
*Sharon Haines, an adult who may or may not be one of the ‘good-guys’.
SCAN0001*Kellar Haines, Sharon’s son and helps Lemony and Moxie figure out what’s going on.  ⇒  ⇒  ⇒
*Jake Hix, the sweetheart of Cleo Knight, whom we met in the last book. Jake works in a diner with his aunt and frequently makes killer meals for his friends.

Continuing Characters
SCAN0003 ⇐*S. Theodora Markson, Lemony’s chaperone and woefully inept are her job keeping tabs on her apprentice.
*Ellington Feint, a girl a little older than Lemony searching for her father who has been kidnapped by Hangfire. She is also the one who keeps stealing the Bombinating Beast statue from Lemony every time he finds it again. Just who’s side is she on?
*Pip and Squeak, brothers who drive their father’s taxi (we have yet to meet their father!) and really help out Lemony in his fractured plan.
*Dashiell Qwerty, the sub-librarian of the local library and is framed by Hangfire for burning down several buildings in the town. Ultimately the library is targeted for burning – but why? What secret does the library hold?
SCAN0005*Hangfire, so while this book⇒  answers some   questions, it only deepens the mystery of:
Who is Hangfire?
Why is he in Stain’d-by-the-Sea?
What does he want with the Bombinating Beast?
When will Lemony figure all of this out? In book four!!! I can’t wait! Stay tuned for the finale!!

Another great book from Snicket. A quick and easy read; however, the mystery is not easy to figure out. I really can’t wait to read book four. I’ve already said that – maybe I should just end this review and go read it!  See ya!!

Rating 4 out of 5 paws!

selfie 092015ddReviewer: Toby

  Daniel Handler

Lemony Snicket

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