My Pet Human

We have a guest reviewer today, LadyBird, the Chihuahua who lives in The Board’s house and one of the few dawgs we could possibly tolerate. We hope you enjoy her review. This may be your only chance to hear from her as we are not keen to allow a pushy dawg to take over our blog!  Sincerely yours, The Board

  My-Pet-Human-my pet human

My Pet Human

Yasmine Surovec (author & illustrator)

Roaring Brook Press, 2015

This is a really cute book about a cat that wanders the streets in search of the perfect human pet. Mr. Independence, as the first chapter is called, has a route he follows through the city to various restaurants where people feel sorry for him and feed him. He also has friends he checks up on, Ben ( a dog), George (a hamster) and Farrah (a cat). He does all of this while avoiding the dog catcher! He sleeps in an abandoned house but one day some humans move into his house and he decides its’ time to foster some pet humans. The young girl in the house falls in love with him but he has to work harder to train the girl’s mother. Eventually he wins everyone over and after a big adventure and a run-in with the dog-catcher, he finally decides  to settle down with his pet humans. He even gets a name! (Oliver)!

I won this book from a give-away sponsored by the Kitties Blue and I really appreciate it. It’s a sweet story, even if it is about cats. I read it to my Felines and they liked it a lot. Simon said it was kind of like his life before he took up with our mom. BobbieSue said she supposed her story would have been like  Oliver’s had she not been ‘gotcha-ed’ by our mom when she was so young. Toby said he had no idea what it was like to wander the streets since he’s had pet humans before he was even born. But we all liked it and so happy we can add it to our collection of books!

Rating 5 out of 5 paws because it shows how cats and humans really need each other.

catonmyhead2Thanks, Kitties Blue!!

lady gravatarReviewer: LadyBird

  Yasmine Surovec

More books (we love her cartoons! – mom has featured them on her art blog, Orange Marmalade Press)


2 thoughts on “My Pet Human

  1. Summer October 30, 2015 / 9:14 pm

    This sounds like a really good human kitten book! I saw it on the Kitties Blue blog too.


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