The Dragon Lantern


The Dragon Lantern

A League of Seven Novel

Alan Gratz
Illustrated by Brett Helquist

A Starscape Book, Tom Doherty Associates, LLC, 2015

The second of an unknown number of series books – at the start there are still only 3 Leaguers but by the end of the 5th chapter they have split up into two groups, each going on a different mission. Archie and Mr. Rivets go after a fox-girl who has stolen the Dragon Lantern (which contains a secret about the origin of Archie’s superpowers) and Hachi and Fergus go after a survivor of the attack that destroyed her home town when she was so young.

·         Archie Dent – in the first book we discover he something other than human that makes him indestructible. He is only 12 (or maybe 13) and remains very unsure of himself.
·         Hachi – a Seminole and the warrior of the group; in the first book we learned that her parents and entire village were killed in some strange ritual in an attempt to raise a mangleborn. She is obsessed with finding out who killed her family and killing them herself.
·         Fergus – 14 or 15 year old Scottish lad who runs around with a bum leg and in a kilt all the time. He is the League’s tinker; he can fabricate just about anything out of anything (if you’re old enough to remember, think ‘MacGyver’  – the old TV show.
·         Mr. Rivets – Archie’s wind-up, clockworks, machine-man and all around everything man.

·         Kitsune, the fox girl –In her true form she has fox ears and a fox tail; however, she can fool the eyes of any human – but not Mr. Rivets – into seeing what she wants them to see, which is how she stole the Dragon Lantern right out of Archie’s hands!
·          Clyde Magoro, a young United Nations’ soldier, who after tragedy strikes his regiment, he joins with Archie to hunt down the fox girl.
·         Marie Laveau, voodoo queen in New Orleans, is an ally with Hachi and Fergus and helps Hachi find out the truth
·         Philomena Moffett, head of the Septemberists is hiding a deadly secret that is not at all good.

·         Captain George Armstrong Custer, U.N. 7th Field Steam Man Unit
·         General Robert E. Lee, U.N. War Chief
·         Jesse James, an outlaw FreeTok (a TikTok man who has gone rogue)
·         General Andrew Jackson, a zombie soldier

Wow! What an adventure! With Archie going west and Fergus and Hachi going south, I thought the story would get too disjointed – but it doesn’t. The author is able to move between two completely different settings and story lines easily and in one of the final chapters when Archie and Hachi find the truth they have been searching for, the author combines the both settings into a single secret-tell-all that blew me away. Way better than the first book!

We’ve added two more to the League – Kitsune & Clyde and in the third book we’ll get the final two. Can’t wait!

Rating: 4 paws out of 5 because of the twists and turns and the use of historical characters in really funny ways!

libraryReviewer: Toby

league of seven world

Click HERE for the Septemberist Society website!

Alan Gratz


One thought on “The Dragon Lantern

  1. ryandejonghe August 13, 2015 / 8:26 pm

    Love the cat theme (just posted my cat in my latest review). I like how you break out the historical characters.


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