Dark Graphic Tales of Edgar Allan Poe


Dark Graphic Tales by Edgar Allen Poe
| The Gold Bug | The System of Doctor Tarr and Professor Fether | The Fall of the House of Usher |

Adapted by Denise Despeyroux
Illustrations by Miquel Serratosa

Originally published in Spanish under the title Relatos de Poe
Parramon Ediciones, S.A., 2009

As a kitten I always read comic books and the funny pages on Sunday. But as I grew to adult cathood I put away those “childish things” – don’t get mad at me if you love graphic novels and comic books – its’ just that they don’t appeal to me. So forgive me if you feel I am being unkind. I only want to be honest.

So what threw me off from the very beginning were the illustrations of the people. When mom went to the Library to get a book I told her not to get one that was done in Japanese anime as I didn’t like the look of those characters. So she brought this one home and I just found the elongated faces with giant foreheads and teeny-tiny facial features unappealing. I suppose if you are going to read graphic novels, half the battle is won or lost over the illustrations.

I also realize the book was written for teens but today’s teens are more sophisticated than this book gives them credit for. I think it belongs in the children’s section of the library or at least maybe the middle school section (if they have such a thing). I also get that the graphic part of the novel moves the story along so there isn’t a need for words. As a word junkie that was very hard for me to get past. I can’t help it. I love words. As much as I love picture books, I love the words even more.

Or, maybe something was lost in translation. The book was originally written in Spanish and without the right translator, a book can lose its magic. And this book definitely had no magic.

Rating: 2 out of 5 paws for over simplifying the gothic beauty that is Edgar Allen Poe

I read this book as a part of the Summer Reading Challenge, 2015!

mar 5 2005aReviewer: Simon

Denise Despeyroux


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