A Medicine for Melancholy

A Medicine for Melancholy

Ray Bradbury
Perennial, an imprint of HarperCollins
2001, stories originally printed 1949-1959

This is a collection of 31 stories previously published in other media (like Playboy, The Saturday Evening Post, Fantasy & Science Fiction Magazine). Some of the stories appeared also in The Martian Chronicles and other books. Like the other books of short stories I’ve reviewed, I will choose the ones I like the best to tell you about and give a overall review and rating at the end!

In a Season of Calm Weather – wonderful story about a man who loves the art of Picasso and dreams of owning one of the artist’s paintings. Be careful what you wish for!
Fever Dream – a creepy story about a child who is ill and what becomes of him. (Once you’ve read the story – you may be surprised to find out this was published as a picture book for kids – at least I think it’s for kids. I would let any kitten of my read it (not that I have any kittens, of course, I’m a confirmed bachelor!).
The Town Where No One Got Off – a salesman gets off a cross country train in a town in the middle of nowhere, and meets his fate, his destiny, himself.
All Summer in a Day – sad story of a little girl on Venus, where it rains nonstop all the time. Very sad. Makes me glad mom never had human babies.
The Shore Line at Sunset – something strange washes up on the beach and two men argue over what to do with it.
Pillar of Fire – this is what happens when you do away with all things frightening and fearful; when you get rid of the boogie man and things that go bump in the night; just when you think you are safe…
The Pedestrian – the story I’ve read about in the author’s forwards to various books. A sad story of a dismal future.
Dark They Were, and Golden-Eyed – I like how man settled Mars only to find himself turning into a Martian!!
The Trolley – from the book Dandelion Wine an beautiful story of the last trolley to rumbling down the line in Green Town.
Icarus Montgolfier Wright – a story about flying – no, – soaring – , no, wait, floating –, dreaming – maybe , read it and decide for yourself!

After the first story, the next two – Medicine for Melancholy and The Wonderful Ice-Cream Suit – I was a little disappointed in – they didn’t seem to have the same magic that I found in the author’s other stories and books. But I persevered and ended up liking the whole book. All of the stories have Bradbury’s signature style of writing and his creative genius. Another book to add to our permanent shelves!

Rating: 4 paws & 2 toes and out of 5 paws. If it weren’t for the two stories above, it would have rated a full 5 paws!!

cropped-toby-the-great-plus.jpgReviewer: Toby

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