The Stories of 12 Cats, Through Their Eyes

Janiss Garza, editor

FitCat Publishing, 2015
As the title indicates, these stories are told through the eyes of the cats, which provides a unique perspective on cat rescue. I’m so used to reading things from a human’s point of view, it is a refreshing change to hear another feline’s voice on important subjects.

Tuffy – a Maine Coon, his original owners moved away and left him (bad humans) behind; He enjoys the outside very much and is wily – he’s not going to let those humans who are nice to him capture him! Then one day tragedy strikes and he finds himself inside the house of those two humans and he is not happy!

Lucky – an orange marmalade like Toby, who in spite of an awful human doing something awful to him, he is still loving and sweet. I have to admit even a man-cat like me shed a couple of tears when I read his story.

Rascal – he and Rocco, his brother were twice abandoned! Poor boys! I can’t imagine the horror of being taken away from my home once, let alone twice! But these brothers did and still stayed together. My heart was warm after reading his story.

Magoo – oh my goodness! This story is so funny – I laughed so much at Magoo’s antics! Yes he was homeless but boy is he full of himself (and deservedly so). My favorite part was when he coughed up the frog leg. MOL MOL MOL!!!

Browser – a black cat who had a home and then was abandoned on the street. He (thankfully) ended up being a library cat! He’s black like Simon and found his forever home amongst the books! I know about libraries because my mom works in a library and I think it’s cool that Browser lives in one!!

Michael – a gray street cat from Florida who moves around a lot! His mom told him he used up 15 of his 9 lives! I’m glad he finally settled down with a nice mom and dad who took care of him until the end. I was a little sad to read he didn’t see the spring sunshine again but he did live to 19 ½ years!

Crepes – a street cat with special needs. At the age of two is not only an internet and blog star but he has met some famous people/cats. Kind of makes my life on the waters of the Currituck Sound seem a little boring (not!). We all have our purpose in life and Crepes is to spread the word about adopting special needs cats. Mine is to make sure the fish and crabs stay where they belong – either in the water or in my belly!

Rama – another black cat, or panther as he believes himself to be. Reluctantly learns to love his humans. Rather reminds me of cousin BobbieSue – she does what my aunt calls “drive-bys” – runs by you really fast but slow enough to touch – just for a moment – and then she’s gone. She, like Rama, is learning to love not just humans but their touch as well.

Nerissa – a silver (platinum) tabby mancat with a girl’s name, born in a woodpile and now an award-winning blogger! A real rags-to-riches story!! (I was deeply saddened to read that Nerissa has gone on to the Rainbow Bridge before I could finish this book. Best Wishes to his human as he has moved on ahead.)

Gemini – a poor, rain soaked kitten is brought in (however reluctantly) from the outdoors where she finds a home with an adopted human mom and an adopted cat mom named Georgia. Very sweet story; I like Gemini even though I don’t know her personally.

Ryker – a chocolate point Tonkinese starts his story from the Rainbow Bridge where he has been for several years now. He tells the reader that in the beginning so we won’t be so sad when we find out (like I was when I read Michael’s story). His original person – a breeder thought about having him killed just because his bottom didn’t work right! The horrors! He was rescued by his Person and she made a happy home for him. And one day maybe I’ll meet him at the RB.

Harriet – a super sweet special needs kitty was rescued from the Arizona desert! Poor thing, she had been attacked by a dog and left to die far away from her newborn kittens. By a miracle of the God of Cats, she and her kittens were found and safely rehomed. Harriet writes of how important it is to support No-Kill shelters and Trap-Spay-Neuter-Release programs for feral cat colonies. She lives at the PAWSitively CATS No-Kill Shelter because as a paraplegic she needs special care. She is happy and healthy and has become a spokescat for the shelter. Go Harriet!!

This book was provided to me by the human editor for an honest review. Her generous gift will in no way affect my opinion – even if all the author’s gang up on me in an alley with teeth and claws bared – as a book reviewer, I am committed to honesty!!

I, Jack Jordan, LOVE this book. I laughed. I cried. I was encouraged by the feline bravery that simply oozes from the pages. It makes me want to caterwaul from the rooftops about rescuing homeless cats.

Rating: 5 out 5 paws because 1. It was written by cats; 2. They were all rescued from the Big Bad World; and 3. They are wonderful spokescats for rescuing kitties and not buying them from disreputable breeders or pet shops. Just remember, if no one bought from those people, the kitten mills (and puppy mills) would shut down!

jack 12 25 14Reviewer: Jack

2 thoughts on “Rescued

  1. Summer May 11, 2015 / 10:13 pm

    My human says thank you for the awesome review – it will be shared on the Rescued Facebook page tomorrow morning. Did you know it just won the Compilations/ Anthologies category of the San Francisco Book Festival?

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