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Written and illustrated by Marie-Louise Gay

Groundwood Book/House of Anasi Press, 2005

In Caramba’s world, cats fly like birds. All of his friends and siblings fly
– but he can’t and he is very frustrated by it. His friend Portia, a pig, tries to comfort him but he is still grumpy about not flying. He doesn’t give up and keeps trying to fly. In the end he makes an exciting discovery that is better than flying – something only he can do! CarambaSpread.jpg

Rating 3 out of 5 paws because I didn’t know cats are supposed to fly!!

Caramba and Henry

Written and illustrated by Marie-Louise Gay

Groundwood Book/House of Anasi Press, 2011

Henry is Caramba’s baby brother and is very annoying. Henry screams all the time, squishes Caramba’s caterpillars and generally makes a mess of everything. His mother tells Caramba he must look out for his brother which is not happy about. With Portia’s help, Caramba learns to take care of and love Henry.Caramba and Henry

Rating 3 out of 5 paws for sibling rivalry and learning to get along.

feb 26 05abReviewer: Simon

home-image.jpgMarie-Louise Gay

Other books by the author:

Husband-and-wife team Marie-Louise Gay and David Homel and have combined their prodigious writing and illustrating talents with their own family memories to produce a very different kind of travelogue. The sequel to Travels With My Family takes place in a village in southern France, where Charlie and his brother make some new friends, see the running of the bulls and find other adventures large and small.   Summer in the City is the third title in the series by Marie-Louise Gay and David Homel, but it's a travel story with a twist — this time Charlie and his family stay home, and find adventure in their own Montreal neighborhood. Charlie and his family are about to embark on another trip, to another out-of-the-way place off the beaten path. This time they are heading to an island in Croatia, a country Charlie has never even heard of. An incredibly beautiful country that lives in the shadow of war and conflict. Louise refuses to leave her big brother, Jake, alone, and when Jake, in desperation, wishes Louise were a dog, he is suddenly faced with a terrifying possibility. Marie-Louise Gay has written and illustrated this humorous and endearing tale as an ode to the imagination and determination of children, who create their own worlds out of the little things in life. Marie-Louise Gay brings her charmingly wacky style to the familiar tale of the three little pigs.

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