The House of Hades


The House of Hades
Heroes of Olympus, book 4

Rick Riordan

Disney-Hyperion Books, 2013

The story so far: After completing her individual quest of finding the Athena Parthenos, Annabeth falls through the floor of Arachne’s lair and Percy, having vowed to never be separated again, falls with her straight past the Underworld into Tartarus, the pit where all monsters essences are dispatched and where they eventually reform and end up back in the mortal realm. In this book, the goal is to close the Doors of Death top stop the flood of monsters from returning above ground. But they found out the doors must be closed from both sides so as Fate would have it, Annabeth and Percy end up travelling through Tartarus to the Doors while the rest of the gang travels to Epirus to close the doors on the other side. And what a journey it is!

Main Characters & Narrated by:
Percy Jackson, son of Poseidon, realizes early on that they are actually traveling on the god Tartarus’ body (yuk!)
Annabeth Chase, daughter of Athena, must use all of her wit and wisdom to help get Percy and herself through the pit
Jason Grace, son of Jupiter (Zeus), with Annabeth underground, he becomes the defacto leader of the group
Piper McLean, daughter of Aphrodite, uses her feminine wiles given to her by her mom, to defeat the snow goddess Khione
Frank Zhang, son of Ares (Mars), comes into his own when he defeats a whole herd of monster-cows
Hazel Levesque, daughter of Pluto (Hades), taps into her sorceress powers and just at the right moment
Leo Valdez, son of Hephaestus, meets and falls for the immortal Calypso and keeps the Argo II flying and sailing

Continuing & Returning Characters:
Nico di Angelo, son of Hades, finally admits his secret crush
Coach Hedge, surprise! Got married right before the journey and is going to be a father!
Reyna, praetor of Camp Jupiter, tries for peace between the Greeks and Romans, while Octavian wants war
Gaea, earth mother, evil goddess who is destined to rise by killing a male and female demi-god
Kelli, empousa, one of many monsters that Annabeth and Percy killed that they come across in Tartarus
New Characters:
Numina mountanum/ourae, mountain gods, minions of Gaea, tried to knock the Argo II out of the sky with boulders
Hecate, goddess of magic, challenges Hazel to tap into the magic that resides within her
Tartarus, god of the pit, who together with Gaea created all the giants
Bob, formerly the Titan Impaetus, the one who lost his memory way back in the earlier Percy Jackson series, comes back and helps Percy and Annabeth through Tartarus
Cupid, the god of love, forces Nico to divulge his secret crush, in front of Jason, no less!
Damasen, a giant who lives in Tartarus, peaceful and good, saves Percy’s life more than once
Akhlys, the goddess of Misery, she provides the Death Mist which encompasses Percy and Annabeth to keep them invisible to monsters, but really tries to kill them
Nyx, goddess of the Dark, or the Night, Percy and Annabeth have to go through her house to get to the Doors of Death.
Pasiphae, wife of Minos, sorceress, mother of the Minotaur
Auster/Notus, god of the south wind, changeable helper of the demigods

Rating: 5 out of 5 paws – for being truly terrific! Love, love, loved it! My first time reading and I will definitely be reading it again. I can’t wait to dig into the last books of the series, Blood of Olympus!

toby the great plusReviewer: Toby

 Rick Riordan

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