The Woman’s Book of Confidence


The Woman’s Book of Confidence,
Meditations for Strength and Confidence

Sue Patton Thole

MJF Boosks, 1992

Section 1: Weaving a Safety Net
“There are many ways – such as learning to understand and honor our needs, having realistic expectations, asking for help, and abolishing guilt – by which we can weave a supportive safety net for ourselves.” Pg 3

Section 2: Befriending Fear
“Although it’s not an easy task, viewing fear as a teacher is necessary in order for us to keep it from becoming a demanding and overbeating taskmaster.” Pg 35

Section 3: Becoming the Parent We Deserve
“So many of us have negative parental voices inside of us that shame and discourage us. It’s hard to have self-confidence and peace of mind when we are consistently castigating ourselves. But we can change those critical voices to supportive and comforting ones by becoming the parent we deserve to have.” Pg 63

Section 4: Embracing No-Fault Living
“Criticism dams the flow of good feelings, whereas encouragement and support strengthen our ability to become the best person we are capable of being.” Pg 91

Section 5: Finding Freedom through Honest Feeling
“By becoming aware of our feelings, accepting them, and expressing them creatively and constructively, we free ourselves to be fully human.” Pg 127

Section 6: Accepting What Is
“The acceptance I am talking about is not giving up or lapsing into hopeless resignation; it is having the wisdom to know when to say, “Ah, this is how it is. How can I have peace of mind in the face of this?” pg 151

Section 7: Changing What Can Be Changed
“Although many of us resist it fiercely, change forces us to grow and evolve, to become more flexible, resilient, and confident. Our task is to transcend any fear of the unknown and encourage ourselves to change what needs to be different in our lives in order for them to flow freely and creatively.” Pg 169

Section 8: Inviting Abundance
“In order to invite abundance into our lives we need to feel worthy of the myriad blessings life has to offer….” Pg 191

Section 9: Growing Through Loss
“Growing through loss enables us to evolve into deeper levels of confidence and maturity.” Pg 213

Section 10: Trusting the Feminine Within
“The Sacred Feminine, in her highest reality, embraces all, synthesizing the divergent and the similar, welcoming both the wounded and the wise to her breast. She honors the Whole and is wholly trustworthy.” Pg 239

Thoughts on the book:
My first impressions of the book are good but I find the use of metaphor too much. One metaphor would be good for each devotional but instead the author has included multiple uses of metaphor in the same entry. Also the metaphor of “weaving a safety net” a bit tedious even after only 10 entries. Perhaps it is because I don’t identify with it, at least not yet. The 10th entry, “Growing a Tail,” didn’t resonate with me at all – the metaphor is used as helping yourself and taken from an African proverb, “God will not drive flies away from a tailless cow.” Meaning, I guess, the same thing as that old adage, “God helps those who help themselves.” Good and helpful thoughts but I just didn’t get the metaphor. Don’t get me wrong – l love a good metaphor and use them in my own writings, but too much is too much.

Almost ¾’s of the way through the book and I am still thinking there are too many metaphors. Every entry, though short, is metaphor laden.

These feelings of too much metaphor stayed with me throughout the entire book. Every entry contained various metaphors and many of them visualization practices. Visualization doesn’t appeal to me so I generally just skipped over those parts.

However, the book itself did contain a lot of meaningful wisdom and I transcribed 8 pages of quotes to be used in 2016 devotional writings. So, all in all, I found the book to be very helpful and will keep and reread at a future date.

Rating : 3 of 5 paws

jack 12 25 14 Reviewer: Jack

 Sue Patton Thoele

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