The Titan’s Curse


Curse of the Titans,
Book three, Percy Jackson and the Olympians

Rick Riordan
Disney Hyperion Books, 2007

So here’s the story this time –Percy, Annabeth and Thalia go off to help Grover rescue some new half-bloods he’s found and so begins another cross-country adventure to rescue a goddess and Annabeth, both of whom were kidnapped by Kronos’ cronies – the ones who want to destroy the gods of Olympus and bring the Titans back to rule the world. Along the way they meet new monsters, gods and goddesses and once again save the world in less than a week.

• Percy Jackson, son of Poseidon, now 14 years old, fearful that the prophecy of a demi-god having the power to destroy Olympus at age 16 is about him
• Annabeth Chase, daughter of Athena, is missing after the first chapter and we don’t see her again until almost the end but she is certainly not far from Percy’s mind
• Grover, satyr, he had to put his search for the god Pan on hold to look for wayward half-bloods because of the rise of Kronos

• Thalia, daughter of Zeus, she still believes in Luke’s ability to turn away from the evil god and return to the gods of Olympus; she becomes somewhat of a sacrifice in the end
• Luke, son of Hermes, still serving Kronos and trying to conquer Olympus.
• Clarisse, daughter of Ares, off on a quest for Chiron, not in this book except at the very end
• Chiron, centaur, still looks after half-bloods
• Tyson, Cyclops, son of Poseidon, brother to Percy, not in this book except for an iris message
• Kronos, father of the gods, still not in one piece yet, but he is growing
• Dionysis, aka, Mr. D., snarky wine god who is drying out for 100 years as Director of Camp Half-Blood

• Blackjack, a black pegasus, refugee from Luke’s ship of horrors from Sea of Monsters
• Nico DeAngelo, son of Hades, rescued by the heroes, with a mysterious past and is unaware of who his father is; only Percy figures it out in the end
• Bianca DeAngelo, daughter of Hades, same as Nico, she decides to become one of Artemis’ maidens, but it doesn’t last for very long
• Zoe Nightshade, a hunter of Artemis, formerly a Hesperides, daughters of Pleione, a water spirit
• Artemis, goddess of the Hunt, aka “The Huntress”, she is kidnapped and forced to hold up the weight of the sky
• Apollo, god of the Sun and sister to Artemis, helps Percy and crew where he can
• The General, supreme villain of the story, kidnapped Artemis and set his weird unable-to-die-skeleton soldiers after Percy and the other heroes. Turns out that The General is actually Atlas – you know the guy that holds up the sky? – He tricked someone else into doing it for him so he could conquer Olympus. Boy is he surprised at the end of the story!

I enjoyed this book as much as the others. It is a fast read – even though it took me longer to read it than the other two – that’s because I was busy keeping up with my family was doing and keeping an eye on that crazy dog! Anyway, great story, as usual, absorbing, exciting with twists and turns that were surprising. This was my second read of this book but like the others, it has been so long it was like reading it for the first time. LOVED IT!

In this story we get these monsters: Manticore, Scythina dracaenae, Nemean Lion, Erymantian Boar, Ophiotaurus. and Ladon

toby pawtoby pawtoby pawtoby pawtoby paw

Rating: 5 paws for Percy’s ability to win the approval of the gods even though he provokes them into wanting to kill him.

gorgeous tobyReviewer: Toby



Manticore, Scythina dracaenae


Nemean Lion, Erymantian Boar

Ophiotaurus, Ladon

Greek Gods

painting of Kronos devouring Poseidon by Peter Paul Ruebens

Artemis, goddess of the Hunt

 Apollo, god of the sun

 Aphrodite, goddess of love 

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