Sapphire Blue

Sapphire Blue

Kerstin Gier

The Red Ruby Trilogy, book 2

Translated from the German by Anthea Bell

Henry Holt and company, 2012

Sapphire Blue is the 2nd in the Gemstone Trilogy. It continues the story of Gwyneth Shepherd, novice time traveler. She is born with a time traveling gene like 11 other family members have been (only 1 who is in the current time). She is the ‘raven’ of prophesy and the great mystery of the circle closing will be solved with her. She would much rather be living a normal 16-year old girl’s life, but the Guardian have pulled her into their secret circle without telling her any of their secrets and set her to work with a distant family member, Gideon, who is the diamond of the prophesy, who she promptly falls in love with. confused? The book isn’t as confusing as my description, I promise.


  • Gwyneth (Gwen) Shepherd, time-traveling 16-year old, who gets to play dress-up in 18th century costume, kiss her cousin and becomes the girlfriend of Xemerius (explained below)
  • Lesley Hay, Gwen’s best friend, looks up important information  for Gwen on the internet, and remains her loyal supporter
  • Gideon de Villers, distant cousin to Gwen, a time-traveling 19-year old, falls in love with Gwen – or does he? That is one of the minor mysteries – is it love or manipulation?


  • Charlotte Montrose, cousin of Gwen, The Guardians thought she would be the one to time-travel…they were wrong!
  • Count Saint-Germain, time-traveler and founder of the Guardians; he is the one who figured out the mystery of the chronograph and wants the Circle to close. All action by the Guardians must be approved by him even though he lives in the past. Still a creepy dude and not to be trusted under any circumstance!
  • Xemerius, the ghost of a gargoyle whom only Gwen can see; they discover each other in a church and he refuses to leave her alone; the little gargoyle turns out to be a great asset in figuring out all the secrets as well as a cute smart-aleck!


  • Charlotte Montrose, cousin of Gwen, the “Other Ruby” who doesn’t time travel and hates Gwen because she does; she has a thing for Gideon also
  • The Guardians, a misogynistic group of men keep the secret of the Circle and while they seem to be working toward a common goal, my guess is that they each have their own agenda
  • Mr. George, Gwen’s one friend and advocate of the Guardians, and the only one of the Guardians who knows she sees ghosts – apparently a very important fact in her circle closing mission

Another great library book! 

I read this book in a couple of days but could easily have read it in one day. It moves very quickly, like Ruby Red. The book picks up exactly wear the first one left off – in the church where Gideon and Gwen were snogging (to use an English turn of phrase). From there, we are off, back and forth to the 18th Century trying to solve the mystery with Gwen. She remains a likable character even though she goes over the top emotionally with Gideon, which I found somewhat annoying. 

Mystery, light romance, gorgeously described costumes, a funny sidekick and an evil villain – the recipe for a good book! I can’t wait to get started on Emerald Green, the final book in the trilogy. 

laura pawlaura pawlaura paw

Rating: 3 paws for Xemerius, the ghostly gargoyle, whom James, Gwen’s school ghost friend, describes as a cat!

laura close up 2 Reviewer: Laura

Kerstin Gier

International and other covers


 gargoyle fan art by J’adore Dessiner


Go here for the German movie trailer 

German movie poster 

            Anthea Bell, translatorAnthea Bell


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