Pursuing the Will of God



Pursuing the Will of God, Reflections and Meditations of the Life of Abraham

Jack Hayford

Multnomah Publishers, Inc, 1997

The author reviews the life of Abraham, the patriarch of the Old Testament and uses it to teach valuable lessons about following God’s Will.

Some of the Chapters:
• The Commitment to God’s Will – “Don’t presume to direct your life on your own terms.” Pg 9

• Muddling Your Way in the Will of God – “Neither you nor I will ever outgrow our need for today’s bread, today’s guidance, today’s instruction.” Pg 35

• Warfare in the Will of God – “You will never gain a spiritual victory but that you will instantly be called upon to face a choice at a practical level, one which will test the very fabric of the triumph gained.” Pg 79

• Learning to Walk in the Dark – “The truth is, though, there are times when the Lord allows His people to walk in the dark. He knows exactly where they are at every moment along the way; He never abandons or loses track of His children.” Pg 85

• Responding to God’s Presence –“ The Bible says that our worship before God is like sweet-smelling incense. In some unique way that we may never understand in this life, the mighty Lord of the universe seems blessed and moved by the praise and worship of His people. “ Pg 123

• The Power of Total Commitment – “Few of us have room to judge. Every one of us needs recurrent visitations of God’s grace and patience as we follow on—often stumbling. No matter how long we walk the pathway of His will, there will always be precarious footing and potential pitfalls…until we plant our first step on the Other Side.” Pg 143


Near the end of the book is this final jewel of Truth:
“Pursuing the will of God ultimately means pursuing God Himself. It means learning His ways and walking in obedience to the limit if our understanding. And beyond. “ Pg 166


I really took my time with this book. It’s taken me almost 4 weeks to read, which is unusually long. But some of the truths in it were so heavy that I would have to take a break from reading it to absorb the knowledge. But it is also one of those books that will remain on our shelves permanently – it is one that each time it is read, there will be something new to glean from it. Excellent book. If you or someone you know is remotely interested in pursuing God’s Will in their life, please encourage them to read this book. It is also a good book to start the new year off with. 

I was a little disarmed at first by the author’s folksy way of writing, but I soon got used to it because it was so good.


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Rating: 5 paws for the wisdom and assurance of God’s Love that is shared.

rufus headshot Reviewer: Rufus

Jack HayfordJack Hayford

Photo by Peter Gridley/Getty

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