Auntie Claus

Auntie Claus

By Elise Primavera

Silver Whistle, Harcourt, Brace & Company, 1999

A Christmas tale about learning the classic lesson of ‘it is better to give than to receive’.

 Main Characters:

  • Auntie Claus
  • Sophie

Secondary Characters:

  • Chris, Sophie’s baby brother
  • and Mrs. Kringle, Sophie’s parents

 Sophie’s and Chris’s parents spoil them rotten with presents and their aunt tells them so. Each afternoon Sophie has tea with Aunt Claus who teaches her lessons about life. But right after Halloween until Valentine’s Day her aunt disappears and doesn’t tell anyone where she’s going. This year Sophie is determined to find out and she stows away among all her aunt’s luggage. Sophie finds herself at the North Pole and there learns the First and Final Rule.

The illustrations are soft , luxurious and full of color. There are hints of Sophie’s parentage everywhere – like her mother’s hair style is in the shape of a Christmas tree.

I first read this book when I was living with my mom’s sister. She gave it to my mom because she is my cousin’s aunt. She read to them every Christmas Eve for years until they felt they were too old for it (dumb teenagers!) now we read it together every year!

Rating:  5 paws  because my mom is the real Auntie Claus!

simon pawsimon pawsimon pawsimon pawsimon paw

mar 5 2005a

 Reviewer: Simon

Elise Primavera Elise Primavera

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Auntie Claus windows for Saks Fifth Avenue, 1999

Some Illustrations from the book:

the elevator is going up Movie Info

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