Skippyjon Jones

 Skippyjon  Jones

Judy Schachner

Dutton’s Children’s Books, 2003

While Laura is reading her book, I didn’t want ya’ll to get bored with us, so here is another picture book I’ve recently read.  It is a book about a Siamese kitten with a very vivid imagination!

Main character –

·         Skippyjon Jones aka Skippito Friskito, Mr. Kitten Britches, Mr. Fuzzy Pants, Mr. Fluffernutter, El Skippito, Mr. Cocopugs  

Secondary characters –

·          Los Chimichangos,  a band of Chihuahuas, some of whom are: Don Diego, Poquito Tito, Pintolito, Rosalita and Tia Maria  

·         Alfred Buzzito the El Blimpo Bumblebeeto Bandito, the Los Chimi’s mortal enemy

Apparently Skippyjon Jones has been around quite a while but this is the first book I’ve read and it is so cute! That Skippyjon! He has such an imagination and he, like me when I was a kitten, gets into so much trouble. When his mom finds him sleeping with the baby birds, she pulls him out of the nest and carries him home. She banishes him to his room so he can think about being a Siamese Cat, not a bird! But, of couse, Skippyjon Jones does no such thing. His imagination runs away with him and he becomes a Siamese Zorro. He travels back to Old Mexico and mistaken for a dog he rescues a band of terrorized chihuahuas  – with EXPLOSIVE results!

Very adorable story! And meaningful , too especially since mom came back from her trip with an actual Chihuahua month or so ago. Even though I liked the story a lot, I don’t think I am going to copy Skippyjon any time soon!

Rating: 4 paws for the celebration of pure imagination!

simon pawsimon pawsimon pawsimon paw

feb 26 05ab Reviewer: Simon

 Judy Schachner 

 The original Skippyjon Jones

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