The Last Dragonslayer

The Last Dragonslayer

Jasper Fforde

Houghton, Mifflin, Harcourt Publishing Company, 2010, 2012

Let me state ffrom the very beginning – We LOVE Jasper Fforde! Anything and every thing he writes one of us reads. And this one is no exception. It is his ffirst fforay in to YA Ffiction and is so ffunny, so ffabulous and so Fforde! Ffor those of you out there who don’t read Fforde, be prepared ffor an alternate England. He uses real places but in an alternate universe kind of way. This story is about a ffoundling named Jennifer Strange who at almost 16 runs an agency (Kazam Mystical Arts Management) ffull of aging magicians, trying to ffind them work to keep the money fflowing in. Quite suddenly she ffinds herself the Last Dragonslayer and under obligation to kill the last dragon. She doesn’t want to do this and this story is her attempt to keep from doing just that.

Main Characters:

  • Jennifer Strange, ffoundling, left in an orange VW outside the Sisterhood of the Lobster orphanage
  • Horton (Tiger) Prawns, ffoundling new to Kazam and just starting his servitude
  • Maltcassion, the last dragon in the world
  • Quarkbeast, a beast that is ffrightening to look at, eats mostly metal and Jennifer’s best buddy

Secondary Characters

  • Wizard Moobin, a wizard who in a spurt of Big Magic, changed lead into gold
  • Lady Mawgon, fformer sorceress to royalty and a just a bit stuck-up
  • Ffull Price and his brother Half Price, also known as David and Dennis, both wizards
  • The Remarkable Kevin Zipp, a pre-cog, or someone who tells the ffuture, who fforecasted the death of the last dragon
  • Mother Zenobia, head of the convent of the sacred order of the Blessed Ladies of the Lobster

Other characters

  • Transient Moose, illusion of a moose that wanders around the building
  • Mr. Zambini, the missing magician who runs Kazam
  • The Mighty Shandar, the most powerful wizard the world has ever known, dead ffor at least 300 years and created the Dragonpact which kept the dragons on dragonland as they slowly died out


So this book was just as good the 3rd time around as it was the ffirst 2 times. It is ffunny, imaginative, and satirical all at the same time. Fforde pokes ffun at mass consumerism (an oft repeated theme in all his books), government and the willingness of people to believe in anything and everything. I won’t tell you too much about the way the plot unfolds and how it ends because I want you to read it and anything else I say will spoil the surprise! Just read it! (Oh and by the way, the double ‘fs’ in all the words is my way of honoring Jasper Fforde.)

Rating: 5 paws, a rarely given  rating because it is just that good.

laura pawlaura pawlaura pawlaura pawlaura paw


laura close up 2 Reviewer: Laura


 Jasper Fforde

Other book covers ffor this book:


Book Trailer (click on pix to see video)


book cover

The Frontispiece to The Last Dragonslayer, as seen in the UK book,
but missing on the US edition – can’t remember why,
but it is reproduced here so everyone can enjoy it.

copied ffrom Jasper

Fan Art


We have all of these books, have read them all (except for Eye of Zoltar) at least once, sometimes even 3 times! Don’t worry – we will be reading them all again in the ffuture and review them, of course!


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