Scott Westerfield

Simon Pulse, an imprint of Simon & Schuster Children’s Division,  2005, 2011

The second book of the series and Tally has become a ‘new pretty’. Her life is nothing but party after party with the accompanying hangovers. On the surface it appears she has completely embraced the lifestyle of New Pretty Town, but something nags at the back her mind, like an itch she can’t scratch. Enter Zane, an older new pretty, who encourages her to search her mind for the memories just out of her reach. And finding those memories, she remembers why she returned to the city to become pretty.

Main characters –
·          Tally, taller, beautiful and a new pretty, she fights against the lesions in her brain
·         Zane, too beautiful for words, seduces Tally and together they fight the City
·         Shay, still beautiful but when she accesses her ugly memories, she strikes out against Tally

Secondary characters –
·          Peris, Tally’s littlie and ugly friend who refuses to give up the pretty lifestyle
·         Dr. Cable, appears out of nowhere like a bad penny bringing more pain to Tally’s life
·         David, her former love from the Smoke who takes her to New Smoke and Zane, forcing her choose between the two

Other characters –
·          Croy, one of Shay’s friends and runaways escapes the clutches of the City only to bring Tally the Cure to help her remember
·         Maddy, David’s mother and remains distrustful of Tally

**Spoiler Alert** So Tally escapes the city again only to be recaptured. Her journey in this book  takes her from the fogginess that is being new pretty to being ‘bubbly’ the word she and Zane use to mean lucid and not under the City’s spell.  She joins a clique called the Crims but is ultimately drawn into a leadership role with Zane to break free of New Pretty Town. Special Circumstances keeps an especially close watch on her making her escape all the more difficult. But she manages and after spending a week or two in a preserve of sorts– a place where the City keeps ancient (think cave-man type) humans at a most primitive level to observe them and document their propensity for violence – she finally makes it to the Rusty Ruins where she meets up with David again.

I enjoyed this installment – in fact I read it during one sitting of about 4 hours. The story was fast moving and each time I came to the end of a chapter thinking I would put it down because I needed to clean between my toes or smooth my ruffled fur (thank you Toby), I just kept reading. Each chapter lead to the next and to the next and to the next until suddenly, I was done.


Rating: 3 paws for page turning storytelling, but I haven’t had much emotional connection with Tally. I have been alternately disappointed in her and cheered her on, but the way to 4 or 5 paws is through my heart.

laura pawlaura pawlaura paw

laura close up 2 Reviewer: Laura

 Scott Westerfield

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