Bailey Boat Cat


Bailey Boat Cat, Adventures of a Feline Afloat

Louise Kennedy

Bloomsbury, 2014

So we all fell in love with Bailey Boat Cat when our mom ran across his blog (I think she clicked on something called a ‘link’). He is such a beautiful seal-point Siamese, with his piercing blue eyes and I’m sure his voice is just as piercing, as all Siamese are (I should know because even though I’m solid black, I have a Siamese heritage (you can see it in the elegantly noble shape of my head and face). Also, Bailey reminds us of our distant cousin, MoTo, another seal-point and who lived with our great-grandmother. Anyway, Bailey’s mom, Louise, has transcribed this book for him as he talks about sailing and living on a boat. It sounds like such fun!!


·         About Me

o   Bailey introduces himself to his reader with a beautiful portrait. We also learn the name of his boat, Nocturne, or Noccy. I was just a weensy bit disappointed when he didn’t tell how he actually came to adopt his humans. I was curious since I chose my human because she was the nicest one in the neighborhood.

·         Sailing Skills

o   Bailey starts his tour of his boat with the sails, showing us how he navigates through the water, and finally how to drop anchor. My favorite photo in this section is of the one where he is wearing a life jacket. I want one of those just because they look so cool!

·         Safety at Sea

o   This section is so funny! Bailey’s humans were worried about what would happen if he fell overboard so they rigged a rope ladder for him to climb up. Please! Just because we cats don’t necessarily like getting wet doesn’t mean we can’t swim and get ourselves out of bad situations. We’re cats! We specialize in getting ourselves both in and out of trouble!

·         Galley Grub

o   Dinghy Devils! That’s what Bailey calls those annoying seagulls that pester cat and human alike. He doesn’t eat fish that often because his humans are so inept at catching them. But he doesn’t look like he’s starving!

·         Come Rain or Shine

o   Even the rain doesn’t slow Bailey down. He makes sure his humans batten down the hatches when a storm comes through, although he’s not worried because his Noccy can handle the wind and waves with no problem.

·         Boat Maintenance

o   Whew! He wore me out with this chapter! Bailey works so hard – taking care of the ropes, sails, decks – just about everything he can get his paw on. He should make those humans work more. They seem to be a bit lazy to me.

·         Playtime on board

o   I guess if you work hard, you get to play hard! One of Bailey’s favorite games in hide-and-seek. That is the best game! I play it all the time with my human. I can get her all worked up when she can’t find me – just like Bailey’s people. Humans are so silly!


I really loved this book! The pictures are all about Bailey and his friends (or ‘furiends” as he says) his friends being a couple dolphins, a beautiful red starfish, and a fish with wings (who knew fish could fly?)! He is very clear about who is in charge (he is) and how much he loves sailing. He has “Whisker Wisdom” sprinkled throughout the book; my favorite is “To purr from within, take the time to fix your fur.”

I highly recommend this book for all cats and their humans. And all humans who have boats but don’t yet have a boat cat. If you lay this book about your boat, you may entice a boat cat to come live with you and bring you good luck! After all, cats have been sailing on boats for thousands of years!

Rating:  5 paws for pure pawsomeness!  (pawsome is another cool Bailey-ism)

simon pawsimon pawsimon paw

simon pawsimon pawfeb 26 05ab Reviewer: Simon

Calm before the storm!

Don’t we have the same face and head shape? Maybe we are distant cousins! One can hope!


Bailey’s humans are strange looking! My human doesn’t have those weird things on her face. Oh well, as long as Bailey loves them that’s all that matters!

Thanks to Bailey Boat Cat‘s blog for these photos!

2 thoughts on “Bailey Boat Cat

  1. baileyboatcat October 2, 2014 / 8:45 am

    Thank you so much for such a pawesome review Simon! I will link it to my brand new reviews section and mention it in my blog this evening. I’m so glad you enjoyed my book! Looking forward to folling your future adventures. Purrs my furined! Bisous, Bailey


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