What are your 3 top book pet hates?


 Jodie Llewellyn

A couple of days ago I took the Book Blogger Test and one of the questions was “What are your top three book pet hates?”

My answers were:

1. I really, really, really hate it in romance novels when the girl doesn’t want to do something (for example, go somewhere, kiss the guy, go on a date etc) and the guy insists that she does want to do it (and hey, maybe she does and is playing hard to get) but no means no. It bugs me to no end that the guy can’t take no for an answer and will insist until she gives in. HUGE PET HATE! She said no! Respect her decision! Argh! Rant over.

2. When you read a book and it’s awesome, but then you have to wait a year for the second book to come out, then another year for the third! I generally wait until the whole trilogy is out to start reading a series now. I’m way too impatient.

3. Female characters who are indecisive. I really dislike characters who just can’t get their crap together. Like, seriously, make a decision! It isn’t hard.

What are your top three book pet hates? What bugs you? I’d love to know.

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