Dewey, The Small-Town Library Cat Who Touched the World

Vicki Myron with Bret Witter

Grand Central Publishing, 2008

When Vicki Myron came into the library of Spencer, Iowa on the coldest morning of the year in 1985 and went to empty the book drop, she heard a muffled cry coming from inside. Upon opening the drop she discovered a half-frozen to death tiny orange kitten huddled in the corner under some books. Thus begins the saga of Dewey Readmore Books and his effect on the small town and the world.

I fell in love with Dewey from the very beginning and wept at the end of the book when she writes of his death, some 19 years later. After I finished the book, it took me two days before I could get over his death to write this. It was like losing my best friend.

But long before that happens, Ms Myron tells about the antics of the large , fluffy orange-marmalade boy who charmed almost everyone he came across (who reminds me so much of Toby and of a long-lost friend Norman). Dewey wandered the library looking for a lap to sleep in, a child who needed him, an adult in need of comfort and for someone to play with.

Dewey became famous for his charm and ability to comfort everyone who wanted or needed him and even though he died in 2006 he remains well known to many.

Ms Myron does a great job telling Dewey’s story and it is one I am sure to read again. If you love cats or books, you simply must read this book. The only regret you will have is at the end when you realize no one can live forever, not even Dewey.

My only complaint is that the book focuses a lot on Iowa and the major economic events of the day and Ms Myron’s personal problems. But speaking as a cat and who is completely biased, the book is called Dewey, not Iowa or Vicki and should have remained focused on such a fantastic feline!

Rating: 5 paws for Dewey but minus 1 paw for all the chapters on Iowa and non-Dewey stuff. 4 paws is still a good rating!

rufus pawrufus pawrufus pawrufus paw

rufus headshot2Reviewer: Rufus

To find out more about Dewey click here: Dewey Readmore Books
 Vicki Myron & Dewey

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