Darke – Septimus Heap, Book Six

Angie Sage

Katherine Tegen Books, an Imprint of HarperCollins Publishers, 2011

Septimus has reached the point in his Extra-Ordinary Wizard Apprentice training that he must now work with Darke Magyk. In the meantime, Merrin Meredith establishes a Darke Domaine in the Palace and tries to take over the whole Castle. Marcia Overstrand, Jenna and Beetle to the rescue. And where is Septimus during all of this chaos? That is but one of many mysteries in this book!

 Main characters

o   Septimus Heap, Senior Extra-Ordinary Apprentice to  – well, you-know-who
o   Jenna,  P-I-W, or Princess-in-Waiting
o   Beetle,  formerly of the Manuscriptorium, invaluable to Marcia since Sep is missing
o   Spit Fyre,  almost a full grown adult dragon, fights the battle of his life

Secondary characters, the usual suspects:

o   Lucy Gringe,  determined to marry Simon soon
o   Simon Heap,  determined to win back acceptance and forgiveness with his family
o   Merrin Meredith aka Daniel Hunter aka Septimus Heap,  determined to rule the world with his Two-Faced Ring
o   The Port Witch Coven, determined to capture the Princess for themselves

New characters – not many this time around –

o   Larry of Larry’s Dead Languages Translation Services, also Beetle’s new employer after Jillie Djinn from the Manuscriptorium  canned him in the last book
o   Igor, Matt and Marcus of the Gothyk Grotto where you can buy all sorts of darke magykal items

This has been yet another amazing adventure of Septimus Heap. Angie Sage doesn’t disappoint at all. She writes with non-stop action and humor, weaving many different viewpoints seamlessly throughout the entire book.

Rating: 5 paws for another magykal book that makes me want to go on a queste of my own and experience the wonder of flyte!

toby pawtoby pawtoby pawtoby pawtoby paw


Reviewer: Tobytoby headshot2

Courtesy: Somerset County Gazette

Somerset County Gazette: Angie Sage cuts the ribbon to open the new library.

POPULAR children’s author and illustrator Angie Sage was on hand at North Town Primary School to open their new library.
Children and staff dressed up for the occasion and Angie cut the ribbon to officially mark the grand reopening.
The library was recently refurbished and Angie stayed around to do a book signing after school.
Cllr Justine Baker was also present to donate a generous cheque of £1,500 to the school on behalf of Somerset County Council.
She said: “Each county councillor gets health and well being money to give as a grant to schools.“The money will be used to pay for a workshop to teach children about healthy living and another on drugs awareness.”

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