Queste, book four of Septimus Heap

Angie Sage

Katherine Tegan Books, an Imprint of HarperCollins Publishers, 2008

At the end of the last book, Physik , Nicko and Snorri were trapped 500 years earlier in time when they came back with Jenna to rescue Septimus. Jenna, Septimus and Ullr made it back (along with a certain hairless duckling) to their present time. Now the goal is to figure out how to get Nicko and Snorri back. However, a certain former apprentice to DomDaniel, Merrin Meredith, aka, Septimus Heap, has plans to torment the real Septimus Heap and he conjures up some Darke Magyk. Confused? That’s only the beginning – Septimus is tasked with a Queste that no one ever comes back from! But then, he must be used to it by now, after all he has already come back from the dead (Magyk), learned to fly, with or without a dragon (Flyte) and returned to the present time from 500 years ago (Physik), so really, a little Queste should be nothing to him!

Main characters

o   Septimus Heap– 3rd year apprentice to Extra-Ordinary Wizard Marcia Overstrand

o   Jenna Heap – Queen-to-be of the Castle when the Time-Is-Right

o   Ullr – feline protector of Jenna & Snorri (alright, so he’s not a main character, but he is to me!)

Secondary characters – Most of the regular cast of characters make an appearance with a few taking a larger role this time around.

o   Beetle  –  scribe at the Manuscriptorium

o   Merrin Meredith aka Septimus Heap aka Daniel Hunter –  former apprentice to DomDaniel, then Simon Heap, now mainly chief Trouble-Maker

o   Billy Pot – former lawn guy

o   Jillie Djinn – Chief Hermetic Scribe

o   Stanley – Message Rat

New characters

o   Tertius Finn – really creepy Ancient Ghost

o   Thing – I can’t tell you anything about Thing without giving away the secret! Suffice it to say Thing is evil and nasty and you wouldn’t want to meet Thing in a brightly lit hallway let alone a dark alley.

o   Terry Tarsal – shoemaker; he was briefly mentioned in Magyk, but in this book we actually go into his shop.

o   Ephaniah Grebe – a conseravtor who works at the Manuscriptorium

o   Ethel – featherless duckling all grown up from 500 years prior

One of the things that bugged me this time around is that Septimus didn’t show up in a big way until page 118. Up until then it was mostly about Merrin and I really don’t like him! I know he’s important to the rest of the story in this book but he is such an unlikeable character I would have preferred reading about Septimus from the beginning.

The story goes along at a fast clip with some laugh-out-loud moments. Angie Sage gives you multiple viewpoints from all characters but one of my favorites is how she portrays Spit Fyre’s train of thought, especially when he is with the lady who reminds him of a dragon mother, maybe his dragon mother, Marcia Overstrand. So funny!

Queste is a story of friendship and commitment. It is really, really good!

5-paw rating for an unQuesteionably good time!

toby pawtoby pawtoby pawtoby pawtoby paw


toby headshot2

Reviewer: Toby

Courtesy: ESF Primary Library Blog
dscn2012 Angie Sage look – she’s signing Queste! 

On Monday, 19th March, 2012, the children of the English Section were delighted to meet the popular author, Angie Sage in our school library.

Angie Sage is best known for the Septimus Heap series of books which includes titles such as Magik, Physik and Flyte. She is also the author of the Araminta Spookie series.

During her presentation, Angie talked about what inspires her to write her novels. In particular, she described how visiting the castles of Wales and England helped her to create the settings for her stories. 

The children were very keen to ask questions about their favourite characters such as how their names were chosen.

At the end of the talk, Angie’s biggest fans were able to have their own copies of her books autographed by the author herself.

They are now keenly awaiting the arrival of an English edition of her latest book, Darke, in the school library and the publication of Fyre which Angie announced would be her last book in the Septimus Heap series.

Author of this text: Edward Mallon, English language section of the ESF Primary School.

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