What My Cat has Taught Me About Life

What My Cat Has Taught Me About Life


What My Cat Has Taught Me About Life

          Meditations for Cat Lovers

Niki Anderson

Honor Books, 1997


This is a book filled with stories of everyday cats and their odd habits; the author shows the cat lover in all humans that you can learn from feline behaviors and become a better person (not to mention a better cat care-taker). Each devotional opens with a short tale of a cat (and maybe its people). Then there is a paragraph on the lesson that can be learned, a paragraph that provides pertinent health and welfare information for felines and ends with “The Tail End,” a cute quip or quote. Side bars include: “Cat Nips” which is cat trivia, “Paws for Prayer,” a very short relevant prayer and an appropriate Bible verse.

Favorite Devotionals:

  • Everyone Supervises Someone, Pg 50

o   This entry tells of 5 cats who supervised a plumber while he repaired a faucet. Their presence unnerved him at first, but he slowly warmed to them. One of them jumped into the bathtub, another sniffed out the tool chest and “the longer the plumber lingered, the more they scrutinized his work. Reluctantly, he shoved the cats aside while whispering under his breath, “Even my boss isn’t this picky.”

o   I like this one because it reminds me so much of Toby. Toby is such a busybody! He can’t leave any one alone to let them do their work. The lesson here is that we all have supervisors and they really only want to be helpful (most of the time).

  • Opportunity Waits for the Watchful, pg 86

o   This entry is about a small, powder gray kitten, named Kitten, who slips in unawares to her neighbor’s house whenever the door is opened. “He slips in when I open the front door to salespersons or step out the back door to shake a rug. Once he ran in when I shooed a fly past the screen door. Every morning when I step outside to the porch and reach for the newspaper, I collide with that kitten.”

o   This one reminds me of Agnes, only she is an escape artist going outside, or at least she was when she was allowed outside. This lesson teaches us to be open when opportunity strikes and not just sit around and wait for the cat treats to fall into our laps.

  • Everybody Deserves to be Rescued, pg 101

o   This one is about a cat, Pouncer, who was abandoned by her previous care-takers. She was trapped in an attic barely surviving on mice. She fought her rescuers and had become a really angry and mean cat. She was taken to the Humane Society, spayed and put up for adoption. A lady came in looking for a ‘mouser’ and was directed toward Pouncer. Needless to say Pouncer did not want to be rescued again and bit her new care-taker. But the lady took Pouncer home realizing that “the cat’s earlier deprivation had turned her into a despicable little animal.” The new care-taker and Pouncer eventually became friends.  The moral to Pouncer’s story: “Even the despicable are worth a rescue.” 

o   It is worth remembering that the meanest cat (or person) is that way because of circumstance. No one is born mean. We are all innocents and are an unformed piece of clay when we breathe our first breath. What happens to us from that moment on forms and shapes us in ways we can’t even imagine. Forgiveness is the watch word here.

  • Always Make a Clean Impression, pg 176

o   I like this one because it is about a cat named Rufus who has 6 toes—just like me! In this case it is a humorous reflection about Rufus tracking in mud on a freshly mopped floor. His care-taker ended up locking him and his brother in a back room until the floor was dry. “’You two can keep yourselves occupied until my floor is dry.’ She returned to the kitchen and reached for the mop. Though she was annoyed, as she dipped the mop in the pail she told herself, Thank goodness I can try again.” 

o   The gist of this meditation is to always make the best impression and if by chance you make a bad impression on someone you can always try again.

I enjoyed this book; it is great for light meditative reading. It is one that we will certainly read again.


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